Wednesday, October 20, 2021

That Sharp Naija Guy: These Are The 5 Simplest Ways To “Toast” A Nigerian Girl

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Naturally, all guys have to arrive at that point in life where we must adopt numerous tactics and strategies to take your relationship with a lady from the mutual friend stage to the romantic level.
However, the hard-to-get attitude that almost all Nigerian girls tend to display when we approach them for a romantic relationship, has forced all guys to return to our mental drawing board, to chart a new manner of approach to achieve this goal. Below are 5 simple and reliable steps that you can rely on to make any girl your girl:
1. Flaunt Your Money To Her: Lightening begets thunder. Smoke begets fire. Money begets Nigerian girls. There is a 92% chance that any lady you are trying to get will be easily swayed by an impressive financial prowess. However, due to the fact that some ladies are already swimming in money, such ladies are not easily blown away by your big bank account. But your huge pocket will still assure her that she won’t have to endure penury if she says yes to you.
2. Give Her gifts: A $1,000 Luis Vuitton dress will literally melt the strongest defensive wall of any Nigerian girl. The difference between flaunting money and buying gifts is the fact that; she will be able to showoff the gift to her friends and enemies, while your huge bank account might not be headline news in any hall she walks into.
3. Solicit With Her Friends To Help Champion Your Cause: The influence of a third party in every decision making stage can never be over-emphasized. Ladies listen to their friends more often that they listen to any other person. Convincing her friends of how good you are going to treat them if they help you achieve your goal, will go a long way in taking the stress of toasting the lady off your shoulder.
4. Use Her Parents To Achieve Your Goal: If indeed you want to date this lady with the possibility of marring her in the nearest future, being a good guy to her parents will magically help you achieve you goal with little or no stress. We all know that parents tend to pressurize their daughters into getting married quickly. If you have implanted your name in their heart and mind beforehand, they will always mention your name as the first prospective good guy to settle down with, when they want to start the pressure party.
5. Consistent Badgering: If you can’t apply the aforelisted steps, you might have to settle with the “Just give me a chance” line that we have always stuck to since the days of old. This method however, has a huge possibility of attracting insults, outbursts and on some occasions, public humiliation from her. But if you believe she is worth the risk, you can go ahead with it.
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