Tuesday, October 3, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why Guys Should Let Their Babes Use Waist Beads

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Waist chain or waist beads, so lately these female body ornaments have become quite a popular fashion thingy amongst contemporary young women unlike the resentful idea of promiscuity it used to be seen as.

And the other big issh! with ladies wearing waist beads it used to be believed that it is used for sexual charm or voodoo by women who lace them with jazz that once a man sets his gaze upon it he becomes lost in lust. An unquenchable lust for such a woman then uses these supposed powers to take charge of the man’s life.
Well, all of these nonsensical beliefs should and have been thrown in the dustbin as young modern ladies were completely for other reasons which you as a modern shape guy should also support.
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Waist beads and chainAnd some of the reasons why you as a proper SNG should let your babe rock waist beads are;

  1. Sexual Appeal: It is believed that a woman in waist beads is sexually appealing to men. Proper men love to see their women in beads. It is also a confirmed truth that men get turned on when they see a woman in waist beads/chains. women love it when their men play with it, just as much as men love touching it too be it during or just during intimacy, so the feeling is mutual.
  2. Body Shapers: Waist beads serve as a natural waist trainer for some women. Wearing beads easily helps notify a lady if she’s gaining or losing weight.
  3. Heritage and Pride: Waist beads and chains her part and parcel of the African culture, just as Japanese have the Geishas who say this isn’t a culture of ours that could go global so come on get on the side of culture.
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  4. Helps improve curves: Waist beads help improves a woman’s curves. So wouldn’t you want your girl to look gorgeous and curvy for you. So if you don’t mind her getting those killer curves then let her use every help she can get.
  5. Maturity and Growth: Many communities put beads on their girls as a rite of passage and adorn them and to show that they have passed from girls to womanhood.

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