Friday, October 7, 2022

Aunty Aurora, How Can I Have Sex With Best Friend’s Pretty Wife Without Breaking-up Their Marriage?

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Dear Aunty Aurora: I am madly in love with my friend’s wife. How can we ever have sex without disturbing their marriage? I am 37 and also married. My wife is 31. We have been together for six years.Our relationship is fine but can get a bit boring as far as sex is concerned. My mate’s wife looks stunning and has a great body. I have spoken to my friend and the wife at different times, and I think they are having some financial and marital challenges. We have flirted a bit on the few occasions we have all been out together but I have really fallen for her and would love to take things further. I don’t want to cause any trouble for my friend or break them up but I keep imagining what sex would be like with her. Tony, IkoyiDear Tony: Don’t go there. Your friend’s wife is not a toy to be borrowed and returned. There is no way you can have sex with her without disturbing – or wrecking – their relationship as well as your friendship with her husband. Or hurting your own marriage. This feeling of lust can arrive out of the blue and fade as swiftly. Resist temptation and focus on your own wife, including revving up your sex life at home.Photo Credit: Getty

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