That Sharp Naija Guy: Inside Lagos Strip Clubs, Top 5 Picks

Strip clubs are beginning to take over some major commercial areas of the Lagos mainland. For a while, there was a ban on strip clubs, but that era seems passed, as they have sprung up at an alarming rate. Strip clubs have taken over Lagos as one of the most thriving businesses. Strip Clubs In Lagos

Some months back I started a tour to visit some of the biggest and most fun strip clubs in the megacity of Lagos, and this journey has definitely been amazing with some of my findings and that have left me stunned.

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My biggest finding was when at a particular strip club around about an hour and half past midnight was when a hefty looking man went on stage where the girls had been strip dancing all night, the man also did a bit of strip dancing a masculine type.
The man went on stage along with a couple of the strip dancers then they gradually started getting sexual a bit of kissing, fondling and boom one of the ladies went down on the hefty dude wiping out his huge junk, it was huge so massive the other men at the club were amazed. The lady started giving him oral sex and in a few minutes the dude was pounding away at this gorgeously well-sculpted beautiful ladies really hard and bloody aggressive, I wish I could see this man’s face who had a hoodied mask on taking this to beautiful ladies showing an amazing array of sexual skills while having fun with a tonne of people watching.

And more to my amazement then I noticed 2 other ladies were also at the other end of the room getting freaky with another husky hunk at the other end. Unknown to me both groups had started the whole scene same time I was so focused on the first group and the whole sexual excitement that I didn’t know it was a game and the audiences while enjoying the view were also placing bets on the which of the men would “cum” first/which of the ladies would tap-out.

This experience left me gasped fro birth and it was definitely a memorable night.
There are quite a number of strip clubs in Lagos but their hub of operation with the highest density has got to be Ikeja around Allen Avenue, from Ocean Blue the oldest strip club in Lagos. Here are my top 5 picks of strip clubs in Lagos;

  1. Cave, Aficionados Lair: This the biggest and probably the most expensive, it a classic sitting room atmosphere with a very relaxing ambience. To gain access into the main cave, an inner ‘dome-shaped’ hall, where the strip events take place, a client has to cough out the sum of N5,000, as gate fee. At The Cave, a lap dance of about 10 minutes, or depending on the girl’s interest in the client, costs between N3,000 and N5,000. A go in the VIP section costs between N20,000 to N30,000; covering the rent of the section and the lady’s fee. Activities in this club, like all other clubs in that league, including a turn by turn erotic dance steps by the completely nude girls, packaged in a manner that the largely male audience can’t resist, also attract additional fees.
  2. Unique Gentlemens’: This the 2nd oldest strip club in Lagos, it also located in Ikeja it isn’t as expensive as the ‘Cave’, but still good here to doesn’t come fro cheap. The standard there has always been high. Gate fee from Tuesday to Thursday is N1, 000 for men and free for ladies while Friday and Saturday night is N2, 000 for gate fee. However, those who are regular customers no longer pay gate fees. The guests seated are treated to lap dances from the strippers walking around. Each dance goes for N1, 000. Anyone interested in having sex with any of the girls would have to pay N7, 000 to the management. N4, 000 for the club and N, 3000 for the girl.
  3. Ocean Blue: It is usually referred to as the oldest strip club in the Lagos and maybe in the whole of the country, staking a huge claim as one of Lagos’ pioneer strip clubs, Ocean Blue gives no indication that strip activities go on within when seen from the outside. Ordinary weekdays at Ocean Blue attracts a gate fee of N2,000, a fee which does not in any way cover for a lap dance. Like most of the clubs in Ikeja, getting a lap dance attracts a charge of N1,000 per dance, except where a client decides to be generous to the dancer for a job well done. To access the VIP room, N6,000 is minimum, what goes on in there is just too graphic to be explained. So let move on.
  4. Teazers Cabaret: Teazers Cabaret is one big spot for strippers. The essence of setting up Teazers Cabaret is to attract and provide pleasure mostly for the crème-de-la-crème. The club was formerly known as Cassbah, its located not too far from Ocean Blue. On a visit, our investigator said he was greeted by female ushers clad in t-shirts and hot pants as well as daunting and well-dressed bouncers who collect a gate fee of N1,000.
  5. Wall Street Pub: Wall street pub is probably the smallest strip clubs in Ikeja but it has made a big statement in the strip business, located at 70B, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. It can barely house 50 clients at the same time, still, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in services. I can guarantee you it is the only strip clubs that operates reveals operates during work hours, although customers get all the services without the strip show though, during the day, as that they say is best reserved for the night.

Rumour has it that sometimes the dancers, when given enough tips, go as crazy as giving oral sex with guests. A guest who is a regular there who interacted with me, said the girls here have been noted on a few occasions to exhibit dauntless abilities towards clients as they throw themselves at men with ease, allowing free fondling which in most strip bars run contrary to rules.  To enter the Wall street gate, a fee of N2000 is charged on normal weekdays, while on weekends and public holidays, gate fee skyrockets to as much as N3000. A lap dance price starts at N1,000 for lap dances which lasts not more than five to ten minutes. The VIP section of the Wall Street Bar’s cost N4,000 to N5000, where some patrons say the girls are more generous, some willing to go the whole nine yards. It is rumoured that the girls have rooms in the club, clients can have sex with any girl of their choice. One regular patron told me also that this service costs as much as N12,000 which will serve as pay for rent and services rendered By the girl. Photo Credit: Getty

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