That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Ways To Beg For Forgiveness After Cheating On Your Girlfriend

Today the Chief Priest of the SNG corner is going to take the SNG universe on an interesting journey of just how to beg for forgiveness after being caught cheating. How To Beg For Forgiveness After getting caught cheating

Yes, you heard it right, this article intends to help the SNG maestros to navigate the waters of getting forgiveness after getting caught cheating. Now before I go further this article isn’t for married couples, don’t cheat on your Spouse, the Chief Priest SNG doesn’t support that.
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Well, some might say so I support for a guy to cheat because they’re not married. Well, we’re in Nigeria and ladies cheat as well. You’re old enough to decide if you want to cheat or not on your lady.

So yes this article isn’t concerned about the moral justifications of cheating if it is right or not. The truth is that it happens and I believe in second chances, one mistake doesn’t determine the success of a relationship. So this article intends to help a brother win his babe back after he did wrong. We all make mistakes and commit sins and God forgives or the universe gives another chance so yeah, this is how to ask for forgiveness after getting caught cheating;

  1. Take Responsibility:
    No lies, admit to your cheating. Take full responsibility for your actions. Don’t try to minimize or blame it on certain things she did, now isn’t the time to do that. That would rather only give your partner more reasons to hurt.
  2. Have Empathy: 
    Show some understanding of how your actions have affected your partner. Acknowledge the hurt that your actions have caused. Focus on and verbalize how your partner must feel.
  3. Ask for Forgiveness:
    There’s no guarantee you will be forgiven, and you don’t get to control their decision. You have to ask. Ask them if you can do anything to help repair the wrong and rebuild trust. Better yet—start by listing all the things you will do to make things right, then ask them what else you can do.
  4. Cut Ties With The Third person:
    Well just maybe this should be the first thing you should’ve done. But it falls here because if you do this after asking for forgiveness it goes a long way to prove that to get your partner’s trust and forgiveness you are willing to completely let go of the intruder.You don’t necessarily have to fight with them, but you can’t stay best friends either.

    However, if they are your coworker or some other person you can’t kick out of your life completely, reduce your contact to the bare minimum. There is no texting, no phone calls, no spending time together…
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    You can’t expect your partner to be okay with the fact that you still hang out with someone you cheated on them with, and you certainly can’t expect to get another chance in those circumstances.

    Cheating Black couple having an argument
  5. Promise To Never Cheat Again: 
    If you can’t keep this promise, then you’ll need to come clean—with yourself and with your partner. This step of the proper apology is very important and will require some serious soul-searching.
  6. Give Them Time To Heal: 
    Even if they lash out at the moment with sadness and anger, give them more time to digest your apology fully before you do anything more. Remember time heals all wounds.

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