That Sharp Naija Guy: 7 Types Of Conditional Sex And Why They Always Feel Great

Sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences a human can ever get to enjoy, especially when it’s done with a lover which you share true affections. This very essence is the reason why “Conditional Sex” always gives such a great feeling. Conditional Sex

Sex holds a significant place in a relationship, it can be used to define closeness between a couple just as much as it can be used to define what position a lady is placed in a relationship by a guy.

Sex muddles the most clearly thinking minds if a relationship is not properly defined. Most especially when conditional sex gets involved, the question would be what is conditional sex; Well it means having coitus with a particular person based on certain reasons or a particular condition and not for natural reasons, e.g would be Make-Up sex, Goodbye sex, Travel Sex, and a few more.
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They always feel great because of the pre-conditions attached to it, that makes regular sex seems too boring and just not as exciting, the are 10 types of Conditional Sex, which are;

  1. Break-Up Sex:
    This well I don’t think needs for too much explainer on it, but it is probably one of the best or could be one of the worst Conditional Sex, because of the situation surrounding it. If a lady intends to break things off with a guy and she comes around to give him one last taste of the cookie. She definitely puts extra effort to it, so that she can leave a lasting memory with him. It always turns out to be great because she would try new things she’s never done before, her plan is just to fu*k up with your thinking, be guided.
  2. Goodbye Sex:
    This is different from Break-up Sex, but still very much conditional. The difference between it and break up is that break-up isn’t official happening after it, but maybe it might or she thinks she’s going to lose you, or one of you is about to travel basically it most of the time falls into the grey area of made I would lose him or not let me just do it very well and enjoy it while it lasts. The situation here is that there is always so many feelings attached to this type of sex, so much! that it always leaves a memory.
  3. Welcome Back Sex:
    Well, i am pretty sure if you’re a proper SNG you would have witnessed this before. This is basically the coitus shared between partners after one returns from a trip or wasn’t around for a quite a long time. And then one of the partners’ returns, Wheew! it is always exciting and it almost always results in pregnancy.
  4. Travel Sex:
    This type of Sex always leave a strong memory in both persons that shared the experience the fact it didn’t happen at the usual place on a trip, at a hotel, or at family homes and all always makes it feel great and very sensual, leaving strong memories.
  5. Guilt Sex: 
    This type of Conditional sex you can never get more than once or twice from a particular person, especially if that person committed an epic fuck up and you forgive them. The next sex you would both share would be epic especially if it happens immediately after being forgiven, the energy, the tears, the commitment to pay back the partner and make them happy.
  6. Be Mine Sex: 
    Now, this is a contentious type of sex, a type of Conditional Sex where the lady tries to prove a point. She’s trying to win you, maybe you’ve some other lady getting your attention and she has certain features she thinks she doesn’t have. Insecurity sets in. She wants to make you hers badly. The next time you both have sex she’s putting in so much more effort and energy, if she dares notices you enjoying yourself and having so much fun she’s going to continue to try all, in the bid to win and make you hers. But the issue after is that it might get to that level again.
  7. Sarewa Sex: 
    This is probably the most dangerous of all Conditional Sex, especially if it is being shared with a person you don’t like that much. But she’s damn! good at it and she comes to realise you love smashing her you are in trouble very soon you going to get trapped, your matter go turn “Ekaette don get belle”. Photo Credit: Getty

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