6 Pornstars Nigerians Are Watching During Coronavirus Lockdown

Nigerians are big hypocrites and would always deny they don’t watch porn or follow pornstars, over the last 2 years pornstars the list of pornstars in Nigeria gradually gaining celebrity status have increased tremendously. Some pornstars have such familiar names or faces you see both men and ladies watching and following on Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder and Whatsapp statuses. But yet Nigerians would deny ever knowing them, who they’re or what they do bro come on! Pornstars In Nigeria

Well, calm down! we are not here to judge, we’re just here to inform, educate and keep you in the know. Do you know these 6 pornstars have helped keep some people sane during this lockdown, below are 6 of the most-watched female pornstars in Nigeria. Well, you might be surprised that Kingblackhoc didn’t make the list, well come on he is the King of the Nigerian porn industries and all of these ladies on the list have all at some point in their careers worked with or even got into the industry all because through him. So with no further ado here goes nothing, 6 of Nigeria’s most-watched female pornstars, that have trending a lot more since the Coronavirus lockdown.

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6. Annie Blonde: Is a busty a curvaceous bombshell, who said she joined the Adult Film industry due to maltreatment and lack of family support and care. She said her aunt sent her out very late at night and on the way she was raped, well now she’s now a big star, the orphan who dropped out of school at 300l tells Nigerians not judge her or be too picky because nobody knows where everybody would end up on the last day.

5. Chisom Uwgu {Chyzum Hills}: The identity of the trending young lady with humongous boobs, who has been seen recently featuring in King T Blakhoc’s p*rnographic movies, has finally been uncovered.
The lady is known as Chyzum Hills on Facebook, real names Chisom Ugwu. She has in a new video clip, called on all Nigerians judging her, to please stop, as she has decided to tread and make a name for herself by doing pornographic videos.
Chyzum’s is an indigene of Awka, the Anambra state capital. She is a school certificate holder, looking to enter the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, and her role model is Roman Goddess…You all should know why.

4. Edet Mareme {CEO Uglygalz}: Edet Mareme is an adult entertainer and producer, CEO Uglygalz Worldwide Production. She’s a porn actress and a successful one. Who was in an interview with Pulse.ng, told Nigerians to stop calling her a prostitute rather that she is a pornstar. The Pornstar who claims she makes roughly to between $3,000 to $10,000 a month, depending on the role. And she also gave a piece of inside information about the industry where she explained that ladies make more money than guys. Mareme who wants Nigeria’s porn industry to grow so big and rival the American and international porn industry.

3. Elizabeth Ajibola Omotayo Igbagbo {Maami Igbagbo}: This is definitely one of Nigeria’s most popular and most watched porn actress in the country. “Maami Igbagbo” is a Nigerian Porn Actress Born on April 9th 1995, She is 24 years old from Lagos Nigeria. Another pornstar who own their success in the porn industry to Kingblackhoc for introducing them to the industry, though she’s now her own boss and now own a porn company of herself. Maami Igbagbo who claims she went into the porn business after losing her mum in 2016. Maami Igbagbo is a master of her craft and definitely one of the best at it.

3. Savage Trap Queen: During her interview with BBC, Nigerian Indecent actress “Savage Trap Queen” Revealed that she makes 100k per indecent movie. She further revealed that her mother still likes her and still show her motherly love. Trap Queen who recently was trending for claims that she acted in porn movies and didn’t get paid is the 2nd most-watched porn star in Nigeria, who also said she has hope of crossing from the porn industry into mainstream Nollywood is another of Nigeria’s very best.

  1. Peace Olayemi: The endowed busty melanin damsel is currently Nigeria’s most-watched pornstar. Peace Olayemi, she has a huge following on Instagram, Snapchat. Amidst the lockdown, she had a social media channel where she stripteases and her followers and viewers would have to pay for it. She started off her career as an adult film actress with the King of Nigerian porn industry Tobiloba Jolaoso popularly known as king T Blackhoc, she worked with him and his porn company HOC. Peace Olayemi lately has been featuring on a lot of Instagram comedian skits and she handles herself quite well. She is definitely the Queen of the Nigerian porn industry if Kingblakhoc is the King.

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