That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Ways To Refuse Giving Your Girlfriend Money

“How to refuse giving your girlfriend money“….I know most guys or every average guy who is in a relationship or dating is daily confronted with the precarious situation of financing the wants and financial demands of his girlfriend or lover. The fact that you saw this article and you felt enticed to read it then you’re in this precarious position of constantly giving your babe/girlfriend money which has now become a pain in your butt. Well i am glad you’re in that situation and you’re interested in my article so thanks for clicking and please be patient enough to read through to the end.

This article intends to help you navigate the murky waters, of still keeping your lady interested in you even when you can’t always be her means of earning financially.
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First of all, i am of the opinion that relationship should be about give and take, but their should be a threshold, where you can say no i can’t give you money for this. Another key point is that as a young man you should never allow a woman become a financial burden on you. Because there are times when your lady will ask you for money and you just can’t give but this request still gives you serious financial stress. That’s why there is the need to be able to create that boundary of making your lady know that her financial wellbeing isn’t completely your responsibility just because you both are in a relationship.

So far you guys are not officially married, and even if you guys are married but intend to practice what the modern marriage institution preaches that an ideal marriage is a partnership and not that of a master and slave mentality anymore.

Then the below points could be of help to you, 5 ways you can refuse to give your girlfriend money and still keep her interested;

  1. Stop Being To Quick To Splurge:
    A lot of guys when they meet a new girl, they’re quick to splurge, spend on the lady, try to impress financially, try to show that yes they can afford the lady, brag about their job, where they live, what car they drive, which hotels they’ve visited, what type of drinks they buy when they go clubbing. This is wrong because what all of this do is scream that there is money, plenty of it to spend.That’s a wrong impression to create if you want a true and genuine relationship. Its a wrong reason why a lady should want to date you except she is just a “Sarewa Gba” and you intend to use this to entice such a lady just for the sex. So if that’s not the plan well then tone it down telling her all of these type of things. When you you talk about this type of things a lot you give her an idea of what your financial capacity is or is about, and this will lead to her constantly ask you for money and will make her see you as a cash cow God has sent her way to lift her from financial poverty and encourage her laziness.  So the first point is don’t be too quick to open up to her and don’t splurge don’t be in a hurry to show her you can afford her and more rather let her like you for you, your personality and if she doesn’t, well then she isn’t the right person for you.
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  2. Suggest Alternative Ways For Her To Make Money: 
    Don’t give her the fish, show her how to make or catch the fish. So you’re hooked with a lady who constantly asks you for money and doesn’t have a job or a way of earning passive income. Look for a calm way to talk to her and explain to her that she can actually start making money for herself to finance some of those basic needs.Be it that she is a student or not, help her realize those little skills of her that can earn her some money that can put some sustainable cash in her pocket.
  3. The 24-Hours Rule:
    When she asks you for money tell her to give you at least 24-hours to think about it. The truth is if she was really desperate for the money she will go ahead and look for another means to source for the money. Be clear on the rule when you asked for 24-hours you didn’t say nor promised that after 24-hours you will give her the money. You asked for 24-hours to think about it and consider if you’re in the position to give her the cash she requested for.

See dude its your money and you have the right to decide what you want to do with it, let no lady put you under pressure for her parents failings or her own extravagance. The 24-hours rule or maybe a bit longer helps you contemplate the reasons why you should give her or not, is her reason genuine and valid enough and is it something you’re financially bouyant enough to help with. So take your time and decide what’s best for you.

4. Offer Help In Different Ways: 
So she says I need money to buy a new phone offer to link her with someone who sells at a good rate or offer to take her to the phone mart where she can get a good phone at a good price. Use the act of service card here rather than parting with your hard-earned cash. She says I want to make my hair offer to drive her there or go with her to the salon. So basically find alternative ways to help the situation and roll yourself out of that tight corner of actually giving her your money.

5. Call Their Attention To Selling Personal Items To Help Get Quick Money:
So yes if she’s in desperate need of money, and she asks you for it and you can’t help or you just don’t want to give her the money, and you know she has this expensive gadget, an Iphone, a laptop she barely uses or wardrobe full of wigs, clothes or shoes tell her to sell some of this items to raise cash. If she can’t go that far to get what she wants why do you as the guy have to be the one put under such financial stress and to provide for that frivolous need of hers.

N:B: See brother to use this tips, you should consider them as a litmus test for your relationship or that relationship you’re about to enter into. If she fights you and starts calling you a miser well live with the tag with pride and don’t be barged into spending beyond your budget for someone else’s selfish desires.

See if the woman you’re dating is a gold-digger or  she’s just in the relationship for money, there is a high possibility that you might lose this woman if you implement this tips.

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