That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Tips On How To Make Killer First Impression On A Lady

Some days back I was out to meet a friend and hold some business discussion at an eatery somewhere in Lagos, Ok Surulere to be precise. While I was seated in my corner booth waiting for my friend and observing what went on around me – I saw so many men put on quite a show of trying to make a killer “a first impression on a lady” they were meeting for the first time.
First Impression on A Lady
How To Make Killer First Impression On A lady

I start with a young guy who looked to be in his late 20s meeting a lady in her mid-20s. The dude was a catastrophe, he was nothing close to being composed there date barely lasted up to 30mins before the lady left. I am pretty sure she was so not impressed she threw up some lame excuse to escape the dude.
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While I watch this dude get dumped, I noticed another interesting couple across the hall, where another young dude seemed to be killing it with the lady he was out with. She was all smiles, expressive, with the guy she was with.
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Make Killer First Impression On A lady

The guy was so composed with a big grin with quite an impressionable charisma and ability to just keep the conversation going and just there it was obvious this dude seemed to have things under control but I couldn’t help notice what he was wearing and the lady he was with at some point stood-up and tugged the shirt he was wearing. Well, that said a lot at what she thought of his choice of fashion.

Been able to make a lasting impression on a lady is an art, an art that can be mastered only if you know the following tips. Then you would smash it on all of your first dates whoever it might be with, first thing to take note of is;

  1. Make The First Move:
    The first impression on a lady is as important as your the last day you would live on the surface of the earth, you know why because you never get a second chance at it, fact!…. And once you master this art your overall confidence on life triples, which might help on your other engagements in life.Now first thing first, if you ever notice a woman and kind of have her attention, from saying eye contact and body language, don’t overthink it. Go on and make the first move fast. The longer you wait to approach her, the less she will react on instinct and the more she will overthink the whole thing.

    How To Make Killer First Impression On A lady
  2. Make Intense Eye Contact:
    Be it that you’re out on a date for the first time, or you’re seeing her for the first time in your life at a bar, a restaurant, an eatery or anywhere. Master the art of making intense eye contact, a smothering one at it.
    eye contact shows that you are interested in a woman, but it does something more. It revs up the ‘love at first sight’ engine and creates a powerful attraction!Know how to keep eye contact that says so much but yet reveals very little. You’re seating across the table with a girl you’re out on a date with for the first time. You should try to seat across the table to her not side by side. Seat there with a sensual smile plastered on your face while you both engage in a conversation.

    How To Make Killer First Impression On A lady


    Make sure you look long enough into her eyes that it fucks her thinking process making her blush non-stop at almost every compliment you pay her.
    Eye contacts work anytime, all the time be it whether you are talking to her, or just getting her attention, hold your gaze for at least 70% of the time.

    This will intensify the eye contact without going overboard, and recreate feelings of love inside her. She won’t know why she feels so connected towards you, but she will.

    How To Make Killer First Impression On A lady
  3. Wear Something Red:
    Red is a colour that gets attention. This is why it is used in sirens, stop lights, stop signs, fire trucks, etc…it is a colour that we notice.
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    While red can evoke feelings of fear or anger, in the right context it can also cause feelings of passion. Think of a woman’s red lipstick or a tight red dress.

    Make Killer First Impression On A lady

    Of course, you shouldn’t wear red lipstick to make a good first impression and attract women…it just won’t work.  But you can add some red to your outfit. Wear a red hat, a red tie, or even a red dress shirt. Women will notice your red, and all you have to do is match its color with a little bit of passion in your personality!

  4. Ask Questions:
    When you are not asking questions, you are most likely talking about yourself, your opinions, or your beliefs. When you talk too much about yourself, you can appear to be selfish. A selfish attitude is a big turn off during a first impression.Try asking questions to appear interested in her. The more you allow her to talk about herself, or share her opinions and beliefs, the more she will view you as someone who actually cares about her and what she has to say. You will always leave women (and other people) wanting to see you again if you can show them that you care about them.
  5. Keep The Conversation Going:
    Tips To Make Killer First Impression On A lady

    If you have nothing to say, and there are many awkward silences in your conversation, then you will probably make an awkward first impression that will leave a lady not wanting to have to go through another uncomfortable meeting with you. You do not want that to happen! So you have to keep the conversation flowing.

    Finding things to talk about is not that hard. All you have to do is listen to the woman who is talking to you, and make note of any unusual references they mention during the conversation.  Anything that they mention will be something that they enjoy, think about, or are aware of. It can be a reference about a person, place, or event.

  6. Be Well-Mannered:
    Nobody likes an impolite person. If you are rude, arrogant, or inconsiderate then you will leave a bad taste in her mouth, and she will label you as someone that she does not want to meet again.

    Make sure you are polite and take into consideration her feelings and the feelings of other people around you. Being polite will show them that you are mindful of other people and that you have emotional intelligence.

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