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That Sharp Naija Guy: 10 Sexual Fantasies Every Woman Wants To Try Out

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Fantasies are adventures, things of fantasy a lot of people don’t get to experience in their lifetime but it leaves in their imaginations. It has to be said that everybody has sexual fantasies and it’s not limited to just women nor just men, both parties do but for sake of this article, it’s meant to be an exposee into what does kinky ideas and thoughts most ladies have and how as an SNG you can tap into it get some of the best freaky freaky erotic moment with your ladies.
BDSM Sexual Fantasies
BDSM Sexual Fantasies

In my sexual researches and observations, which includes some of the ladies we’ve got down together and experiences shared with me by friends have come to realise ladies tend to have way more sexual fantasies they wish to try out but because of the societal training where ladies are almost taught not to be expressive of their feelings they tend to insinuate that men should pick up and dominate, and maybe magically know this their sexual fantasies one I can assure a lot of ladies have is that during sex they want you to pull on their hair most especially when in doing it the doggy style and you ram them hard from behind also don’t forget to spank the a** while at it.

Kitchen Sex Sexual Fantasies

For some ladies, they want to experience the joy of oral sex/or that head-blowing squirting feeling well for some people these thoughts are not new experiences but for some well the ones I intend to share isn’t that much of a common fetish in Nigeria. And the are such mind-blowing experience I and believe I need to share because has the SNG maestro keeping such knowledge to myself would be wicked of me. Remember y dear SNG gang, these fantasies are meant to help you get in that lady’s panties easier and faster. Just tease the lady that you’ve such plans like this and that for her but make sure you make it clear that it’s only o her consent would you try any and once they’re no longer comfortable doing it you would go no further, but if she’s down you ready to rock her whole damn world beyond her wildest sexual fantasies.

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Ice Dildo BDSM Sexual Fantasies

Below are the 10 of the most desired sexual fantasies of an average Naija Girl, well Coronavirus in around what better to try this if not better than now during this self-isolation time you dig;

  1. Kitchen Sex: This might seem like not much of a big deal for you has a guy but every girl what this fantasy way more than you ever would understand, most ladies daydream of themselves half nude in a bikini or just in a kitchen apron in the making a meal for you, and in their head they want you to come into the kitchen you just come along grab her from behind touch her right and slip that joy giver of yours into her pu**y and drive her romantically wild, the thing about this is that most times it doesn’t end in the kitchen and whatever she might be cooking might end-up getting burnt.
  2. Sex In A pool: Sex in the pool, well personal this one of my most special because what i come to realise is that during sex in the pool, men don’t ejaculate quick and feeling of shiver the cold pool water gives just make it more romantic, and yeah ladies love being touched in the pool. So try it out it’s another level of crazy sex fantasy.
  3. Sex In The Cinemas: If your lady is the type that loves going to the cinemas and isn’t too much of the shy type. This another divine kinky experience because of the hiding and secretive side to it, it is usually very cold in the cinemas making your lady cold and wanting to cuddle or cosy up into you giving you access a little to her body as much as she can reach into pants and play away with your junk wacking and teasing as you tease and fondle her boobs, if she is adventurous enough and can’t hold it back she could get up and sit on your junk and hop on it in reverse sitting doggy, well that is if you both are not obstructing other cinema audience view though.

    BDSM Sexual Fantasies
  4. BDSM: BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics. I don’t how best I can explain this but ask you to watch the fifty shades of grey 1&2.
  5. Sex On The Plane: Every lady wants to experience this, that sex without border, in the air. Just propose this to her if you got enough cash to fly both yourself and your lover, hmmm this is an amazing experience. But be careful to not rock the aeroplane too much and not create undisturbed turbulence.
  6. Sex In The Office: Well this is an experience most married women want to have please do not ask me I know this. Even though have helped quite some few to achieve this experience.
  7. Orgy: Hmmmm, this isn’t for the shy nor for the faintest of heart, you either have it in you or not but on a sincerely level a lot of ladies want to try this but in a more controlled environment. Orgies are sex parties where quite a number of men and women consensually agree to have sex with multiple people and not just stick with just a person you exchange partners hit as many people amongst yourselves. Orgies are more foreign where they’re more comfortable with their sexuality.
  8. Threesome: The more the merrier, it is proven scientifically that women and ladies are bisexual in nature naturally so just ease into this and get yourself that lady who would try this out but hey make sure your libido, stamina and endurance level is strong enough to handle them both.
  9. Sex With A Celebrity: Every lady have one particular celebrity they crush on, if you’re lucky enough and look like one and find a lady who wants that guy, then just role play with her and perform a sexual parody of the celebrity with the girl.
  10. Sex Play with Ice: Another of one of my favourite, come on if you haven’t had sex with ice on the lady’s clit or with you rubbing it on are areola or her nipple damn, you have been suffering your lady with boring sex, don’t you wish to experience that feeling of a lady cringing, twisting squirting without you even touching her yet make shiver at slightest of your touch make her shouting in supreme ecstasy.

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