That Sharp Naija Guy (BDSM): 12 Things To Know On How To Be Dominant In The Bedroom

Welcome back, Dear SNGees, so today I would be discussing an interesting topic, a subset of the BDSM sexual ritual. How to be dominant in the bedroom as a man, Taking control getting what you want, Giving your lady maximum pleasure while getting your own pleasure.

Get out of your shell! stop being shy between the sheets be dominant. Every woman wants a man who can take charge, be in charge and stay in charge. Spank her right, bite on that nipple sensually, leave twirling, tugging out the bedsheet screaming from pleasure. Now you’re in charge. But before you get the far make sure you get to a point of comfort at discussing sexual fantasies and activities with your girlfriend, wife babe or just your sexual partner.
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Bondage, Dominant, Submission, Masochism

Find out how she wants to be dominated too. Does she like to be spanked, tied up, talked dirty to, humiliated, held down… Discussing the many ways you can dominate will help to uncover what is OK and what’s not OK during play. Once you’ve aligned on some acts, then it’s time to talk specifics.
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Bondage, Dominant, Submission, Masochism

You must have a safe word. A safeword is a term that would not otherwise come up in sex, that once she says it, stops all activity and introduces aftercare. For instance, if you are spanking her and it gets too much, she might shout ‘Pineapple’ and you will immediately stop, cuddle her and lightly graze the area you’ve been spanking. She will let you know if/when it’s time to start up again.

Essentials before going into a BDSM sexual experience with your partner;

#1 Rule – If She Says Stop, You Stop!
#2 Rule – Most importantly, Get consent And Communicate about the roles of each other, be it Dom or the sub
#3 Rule – Have a safe word
#4 Rule – Set scenes and role play
#5 Rule – Know whats Ok and what’s not

Now below are some of the acts you as a man can perform, when playing the dominant role;

  • Being firm and assertive with what you’re doing, letting her know you’re the one in charge
  • Pushing her into position – throwing her on the bed, against the wall, on the floor
  • Ripping her panties off or to the side to enter her
  • Talking dirty about what you’re going to do to her and why
  • Tying her up on the bed (use neckties or silk scarves and don’t tie too tight) and stimulating her without completion
  • Sensory deprivation, such as an eye mask or gag (use the tie again here, not a ball as these can be swallowed if not used correctly)
  • Getting her to dress up and ‘act’ for you

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