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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Sex Games That Act As The Perfect Foreplay

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Is that lady or rather your partner coming over for the weekend and yeah you know you both are going to get freaky freaky, but yeah, you guys have done it quite a number of times and it’s beginning to seem boring and ordinary lately?. Na! That’s not a good sign at all here are 5 erotic sex games that you can use to spice up your relationship and use as the perfect foreplay. Read Also: That Sharp Naija Guy: Inside Lagos Strip Clubs, Top 5 Picks

Yes! brother these 5 tricks I have used and they worked magic for me, it helps to create the mood it helps get the lady super horny, turning her hormones on and raging setting her ready to rip your clothes off and having you inside of her thrusting and ramming so hard, it would feel like she was in the 7th heaven.

The good side to it is, most of the sex games are not difficult to play nor difficult to understand nor is it one-sided, you both get to enjoy and have fun while doing it, I would advise whenever you intend to do this make no other plans for that day because it going to be a beautiful and lustful long day. Here are the 5 homes sex games that you can use to spice up your sex life;

  1. Play The Whot Card Game and Dice Rolling: How this work, all you both have to is get a piece of paper and write down what both of you would do to each sexually with both of you guys agreeing to the sexual fantasies. Now after writing down your both agreed fantasies from 1-12, since that’s the highest number you can get on a pair of dice–You both play against each other in the Card game that both of you know how to play whoever loses would have to do what the other person gets he/she rolls the dice.
    Sex Games That Acts As The Perfect Foreplay
    Sex Games That Acts As The Perfect Foreplay

    So when one of you guys roll a particular number you’ve to do to the other person what’s on that number.  This is a loads fun, quick advice don’t put the sweetest and naughtiest pieces of stuff between the number 1-8, make both of you work for it.

  2. Sing-Alongs: This is another game I love playing with my partner, and I advise you try it to, make your partner pick a song of their own choice, then they’ve to sing the song for the next 3mins while you go down on them once they stop singing, moan or break the singing you stop sucking, see how far they can push themselves.
  3. Spin-The Bottle: Play an adult version of spin the bottle by placing different items in a circle (whipped cream, sex toys, a blindfold, an ice cube, chocolate sauce, etc) and spinning the bottle. Wherever the bottle points, you have to use that item on your partner.
  4. Never Have I: I believe a lot of people know the “Never Have I” game, well if you don’t let me explain and how you can turn it into a sexy bedroom game. First, this game involves alcohol so both partners must be down to for the drinking as a consequence of losing or also open to losing some items of clothing going of their body. It would both partners to get more comfortable around each other being nude too.
    How does it work, It goes like this where one of the partners would sing the never have I, Never Have I Never Have I…done a particular thing if the other partner has done it before she/he has to take an item of clothing off if he/she hasn’t he/she drinks. So both ways it helps because the goal in the first place was erotica foreplay remember, or to rather spice it up further the loser can take an item of clothing off while performing a strip dance, Apt.
  5. Truth Or Dare: Well it is the oldest sex game, speak the truth or dare each other into doing each other sexual fantasies well the game might just not last long before it becomes full-blown sexual arena… Enjoy your sexual weekends’ peeps catch Y’all next week.

You don’t want to miss next week’s article as I would be giving you my top 10, most sexual songs that are the perfect jam while you get your freak on, yes I know am doing well, OOIN!… Photo Credit: Getty

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