That Sharp Naija Guy: Sexcapades; My Experience With A Bisexual

Bisexual – This a person that is sexually open to having a relationship with a person of either a male gender or female gender simply put. Bisexual - Sexcapades

Just before in get into the story itself, I would love to note that Bi-sexuals are extremely fun, loving, caring people. They’re tenacious and intense lovers who slightly have a tendency of having trust issues and carry a spike of depressive personality.

5 things to know about Bisexuals and have at the back of your mind while you read through the story;

  1. They’re sexually very open, experimental and adventurous
  2. Sex with them is mind-blowing, great completely next level-stuff.
  3. They love sex
  4. And finally, they are a truckload of crazy, with quite an interesting but volatile personality
Sexcapades; My Experience With A Bisexual

Now to my story, so I met this girl within my first year after NYSC and had just got a job with an insurance firm on the Island, the pay was quite good for a young guy of just 24-years-old. We met at a restaurant while I was out with my friends on a weekend we just kind of immediately had a great spark, she was also out with her friends too one of them was celebrating her birthday and they were all wilding out while I and my guys were just there to chill out and watch a premier game between Chelsea Vs Manchester United, the game ended in 3 nil in Chelsea’s favour.

Well, while my side was defeated badly I was mostly distracted from the game chatting with this beautiful brown skin angel from Delta State we had such an amazing time we both exchanged contacts and agreed to hang out together the next weekend.

Later, that night after we had long gone our separate ways I chatted her up on WhatsApp and we chatted all the way deep into the night around 2 pm she told me about herself, what she was into sexually like she watches porn, she loves getting orals and she loves been choked when doing doggy but she didn’t at this point share with me that she was bisexual. Of course, I was already imagining how it would be between us if we ever got down with each other, honestly, I couldn’t wait for it to be.
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The next day which was a Sunday I called her in the morning, we spoke I asked what she was up to all day she said she had no plans at all but her female friend was coming around and of course in my head, I thought yeah it’s just a girl to girl thing gossips and gist. Little did I know that the female friend was actually her lover.

My Experience With A Bisexual

I thought to myself well, I had my clothes sorted out for the new week and no work stuffs to do why don’t I go see this girl already so I asked her if I could come over. She at first she contemplated allowing me to come over but then she said ok. She sent her address and I was out of the house within the hour I ordered an uber and I was off I stayed at Festac then and she stayed at Yaba.

I left my place around 11:30 am I got to her place around 12:47, she came outside to pick me up. She led me in and here we were in her room she was wearing just a bump short and spaghetti top she had no bra on with her nipple very visible through the top.

She asked me to make myself comfortable, she stays alone it was a room and parlour self-contain with a kitchen, toilet. She was making Jollof rice and chicken. She was done cooking some 20 mins after, so we started talking and had lunch together but there was no light and she didn’t have a generator. While we were talking I couldn’t help notice her flawless skin her lovely sharp then she noticed I couldn’t get my eyes off her I would steal glances at her nipple, her lips, her thigh.

She noticed and just broke the ice and said do you want a taste of this chocolate cookie I was left stunned, my first reaction, then she asked again would you love to see my breast I was oh hell yes! She smiled, in my head, she wouldn’t do it and boom she pops out one of her boobs from her top, I was like what was the use if I won’t touch them then she said, of course, I could touch I was like are you serious she said yes of course. As a correct sharp guy I pounced on it and gave it a little lick, she was all smiles then I asked can I touch the other she said go on. I grabbed the other boob with my left hand while I started licking, nibbling, sucking twirling the tip of my tongue around her areola, oh wheew they are probably the most succulent but yet firm boobs I ever had the pleasure of touching and sucking in my whole life.
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Sex with a bisexual and her partner

As I licked, sucked and bite, I gradually licked towards her neck, while biting the nape of her neck. We kissed for like 5 minutes while I was at that my hands didn’t stop gently pinching and massaging her boobs, gently I moved sideways so I could reach into her bum shorts as I went down and unbuttoned it I found out there was nothing underneath Oh sweet! I slid my hands towards her VJ right there she grabbed my hands and asked can you fuck for 2 hours straight in my head I was like hmmm I can’t straight with no breaks no one can but the urge to want to smash had me saying yes.

She then replies said Okay then let’s do this I was like for real she was like hell yeah! boom she starts to strip herself turned on some music on her phone connected it to a Bluetooth speaker she came towards me while doing some erotic dance moves she places her hands on me and got on top of me she starts to kiss me all over at this point she nothing on her anymore I could see her in full glory she took off my Jeans, my shirt, my singlet and boxers.

I started thinking was this a trap or something but hell no it was she went to work on my body biting on my nipples sucking it like, licking my body my navel, to my mon and boom the shaft of my cock, she grabs it starts to wack on it then deeps it in her mouth sucking hard, fast ferociously that I was scared for the piece thinking won’t the cock come off like this.

All of a sudden she slows down while trying to maintain eye contact she then deep-throats me oh sh*t! could i have been luckier she does it repeatedly i could see she was choking she pulls out choking and coughing a little with saliva all over she rubs it all over then she cam back up using it to rub her VJ repeatedly which was killing me also she kept rubbing it against he clit intensely harder, faster and boom it was a waterfall everywhere oh i was just lying there letting her use me.

Just after cumming and letting a loud moan out she inserts my piece inside of her oh hell it was a completely different feeling with so much energy she starts grinding and pounding on my dick I could help it the sensation was so much it had me popping, and ready to let it, I tried holding it back but I couldn’t help it she had me groaning so hard my toes bent in, my muscles stiffened and boom I popped she watched my groan in pleasure as she smiles enjoying me cave to her prowess.

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Then she said that should prepare you for whats’ to come I was like there’s more to come then she said her partner should be here any minute from now and you would have to do us both. I was like what the hell! I had just hit a jackpot but then she gradually starts to ride me again I was still inside of her and still erect, just then we heard a knock at the door, who is that? it’s me Folu, is he still there she replies yes, sweet she said at the door, bi*tch open the door she replies….To be continued next week

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