That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Tips On How To Cope Dating An Independent Lady

Allo ah SNG faves so this week we would be discussing quite a unique topic that I believe every proper Sharp Naija Guy should learn about, and that is the 5 hitches you must learn to cope with if you ever find yourself to dating an independent lady who has been single for a quite a while. Dating an Independent Lady

Dating a lady who is quite capable and independent of herself is quite a tasking quest for most guys because such ladies are usually stubborn and relatively find almost no reasons to be in relationships.
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A lot of independent ladies live by the saying better single than sorry, is quite a valid philosophy and to find women who shun societal and media pressures to wait for the perfect one is in itself a blessing.

Obviously, however, there are always two sides to a coin so dating an independent lady could have it’s own little quirks.

Here are five of the tips you need to know to help you cope dating might an Independent lady

1. Time to adjust

It’s only logical to give her time to adjust to being in a relationship and doing all the things people in relationships do.

Being single for a long time does not automatically mean she’ll need more time than the average girl to adjust, but it is something to be expected. Consider it an athlete’s rustiness after being out of the game for such a long time.

2. Holding back

She’s not so used to opening up to people that much anymore. The intimacy of sharing all your fears and worries and lowest moments with your partner will likely be alien to her. It’ll be sensible to not push it. Let her move at her own [reasonable] pace but be sure to be there for her.

3. Mind her space

How to cope dating an independent lady

Even people who have been together for long periods still occasionally need space to be by themselves. Your girl has enjoyed and revelled in this privilege for such a long time and might need it more often than you might expect.

4. Be consistent

While things might appear difficult with her from the onset due to the required lifestyle changes, you can’t afford to not be consistent in being a great boyfriend. It’ll even make it quicker and easier for her to become accustomed to sharing her moments with you.

5. Independent to a fault

You just met a lady who’s being single for nearly two years and she has great job that pays her really well she’ll likely be really independent… almost to a fault. She’s spent so long taking care of herself that she’ll not see the immediate need for you to do things for her or even get involved in some parts of her life she’s enjoyed by herself for such a long time. And so here the 5 tips to help guys cope with dating an independent lady

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