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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why Texting Your Ex Happy Birthday Is A Bad Idea

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Why is texting your Ex happy birthday a bad idea?
The average thought out there about exes especially with guys is that they can maintain a friendly and cordial relationship with there Exes and still have a healthy relationship with their current girlfriend, my brother that’s a no-no. One of the most common ways Guys stay in-touch with their Exes is by remembering their Exes birthdays and sending them those butterflies in the belly happy birthday text.
 5 Reasons Why Texting Your Ex Happy Birthday

This particular act could just be the gateway to ending your new relationship, it would usually bring back old memories flooding your thinking and muddle things up which in the long run can lead to serious issues that might just end your new relationship and can also lead to you getting rejected.

Now to make things clear this article is directed to Guys who want to get their ex back or are trying to move with a new girl. When you’re this particular phase of life especially if you’re trying to win a girl back just give her room and stop hanging around let her see you from afar doing very well for yourself and naturally she would be drawn to you again.
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Hanging around, drowning in self-pity, sending the needless happy birthday message, won’t help your chances rather it would make you look more pathetic. Plus if you’re already in a new relationship you’ve no reason to be texting your ex happy birthday even if she sent you one.

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If you’ve been broken up for years and they’re still a part of your life, this advice does not apply. For the rest of you, texting your ex happy birthday is a mistake.

Here are 5 reasons why texting your ex happy birthday is a terrible idea.

1. It Makes Them Feel You Still Want Them Back:

It’s a big bad idea because it just reinforces her energy that you need her, you can’t do without her or you still miss so much and you are using this as an avenue to reach out back to her. If you want a girl to want you, you need to make her see you oozing an air of charisma, confidence and not make yourself look weak and wallowing in self-pity that you lost her or she left because you were not good enough.

2. It won’t make them miss you:

If you still want your ex back especially if she was the one who dumped you, texting your Ex happy birthday isn’t the way to go at all. The best option is for you to just phase them out like a cold turkey, make her miss your absence. Make her be the one to reach out make her feel guilty during that time please work on yourself and improve yourself. Because trust me she’s coming back she would check in on you at some point, especially during this social media age. You see, part of getting your ex back is influencing their emotional state. This isn’t gaslighting or manipulation. If you want your ex back, you shouldn’t reach out for any reason, even to wish them a happy birthday.

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3. You’re giving them an opportunity to reject you:

Wishing your Ex a happy birthday you’re giving her an opportunity to reject you and bash your ego more especially if she was the one who broke up. As much as it might seem that a Happy Birthday text might help bring you guys back together. Nothing hurts more than reaching out to your ex and being told, “Don’t contact me again,” or even just dead silence. Not only does this hurt but every time they reject you, their heart gets a little harder and they respect you less.

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But when you don’t text her and you guys somehow come back together she would ask you why you never texted her and just be like you pushed me away there was no need me waiting around, because it was your loss, not mine losing out on such a great guy like myself.

4. You’re treating them like a friend.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop acting friendly with your ex. Take caution when you’re treating them the same way you would a friend if you want them back.

If you want your ex back, you’re actually competing with every other person out there who’s interested in them. This may seem daunting — and it is — but you actually have a huge advantage over these people: You were both already in a relationship.

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You know their likes and dislikes. They know you and they trust you. While your relationship has a lot of baggage, it also contains a lot of positive feelings and memories. You’re comfortable. So if you do want her back, be clear you do and don’t bitch around it. This if you’re the one who did her wrong.

5. He Can’t Get Over Me:
When you send your Ex a happy birthday text you would give her reasons to think you miss her so much and can’t get over her. Now if you’re in a new relationship this is a bad idea especially if she knows your new girlfriend. Plus if your new partner ever finds the text then there’s trouble for because you would need to have to “shalaye” explain the unnecessary. Keeping the long story short texting your ex happy birthday is a terrible idea

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