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That Sharp Naija Guy: If She Plays These 5 Games With You, DUMP HER!

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Yooo, What’s up What’s up, look who’s back it’s your number 1 love conductor by alias, but most popularly known as the Dr. SNG himself. So this week I am about to break it to you in the bluntest manner possible which is once you notice that your baby plays any of these games I am about to share in this piece with you do not hesitate to dump her ass. How to dump her

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Yeah like for real I said it if your baby plays any of the 5 games I am about to reveal with you dump her, I repeat dump her ass, and bounce. So these are the 5 games some women play with a guy that means that relationship has no future to it;

  1. She Just Goes AWOL
    Once she starts ghosting on you, or there are unexplainable times she just goes off the radar. Like I mean this isn’t something that happens just once but has now become a reoccurring thingy, and you’ve spoken to her about it and it still repeats itself well my brother the best guess is she two-timing and those times you can’t reach her, or you text her it doesn’t delivers, you can’t reach her anywhere she’s definitely with another guy. Then maybe the next day she re-surfaces and finds it hard to explain where she’s been, my brother dump that babe ASAP, she’s most definitely playing you, don’t let her trip you with the can’t I go out, can’t I do this or why are you monitoring me and all that, bros na scam. Jaa ara e, dump her and move.
  2. Your Contact On Her Phone Is Stored With A Phony name/alias
    First let me laugh, hahahahahaha!! bros that babe don mugu you gan o. I mean you say you’re dating a girl, you give her cute pet name or with something that represents love and all but you’re there on her phone just as “Femi”, “Jide”, “Ifeanyi” or worse she uses just an emoji, haaa bros you’re gone. Or worse off you find out that your name is stored as a woman’s name on your babes phone bro she’s cheating on you, don’t waste time just move. If you like stay there and be doing like teddy bear o, or better still dump her and move.
  3. She’s Never Available When You Want
    Like I mean, she’s never available when you want to see her she is only available on her own terms. Chai! this is the biggest red flag, to worsen the case you can’t go visiting her unexpectedly you must book an appointment haa oga! wetin you dey wait for sef. Bros dump her and bounce. If a woman is never ready to sacrifice her time for you, though this is both ways, not just from the woman alone. But on a real if she’s never available, like never, i am not saying once in a while maybe work or some other things make it impossible for her to see you that doesn’t count. I mean she no just ready to bend and give you some of her precious time oga move, ma ro se dump her Asap. READ ALSO: That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Ways To Refuse Giving Your Girlfriend Money
  4. She Never Posts You On Social Media
    Wait are you that ugly or you a masquerade that only comes out on special occasions. Bro if your babe never posts you on social media or finds it hard to do that know for sure she’s hiding something and playing games with you. If you say and believe she might change that’s at your own peril because one thing is for sure when a girl loves you she will most definitely paint your face all over her socials no matter how private she might be you will be put somewhere for sure.
  5. Finally, She’s a prolific flirt
    So your babe is that babe that loves teasing guys, any guy, all types of guys, she never finds it difficult to give out her contact. She’s quick to chat with other guys’ bros, very soon all those naughty chat and texts will lead to something else, and beyond “we are just chatting na”. Very soon she will be in one guy’s bed lifting her waist for her panties to come off while you’re there calling her phone, missing her while she’s receiving some deadly backshots, “Sorry” is your case o.
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So that’s it, if she’s doing any of all of this bros she’s cheating no two ways to it, protect your heart, body, soul and mind, dump her and skip, run, bounce, giddy up… See ya. #DumpHer
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