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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Common Lies Ladies Tell In Relationships

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Lies and humans are 5 and 6 – its a common nature of humans to tell lies and as much as this article is meant to identify the lies ladies tell in when in a relationship, men tell nearly twice as much too.
Lies Ladies Tell In Relationship
Common Lies Ladies Tell In Relationship

Lies are said at varying degrees and for different reasons about after some research its been noticed that most ladies at varying times tell certain lies and it was constant in the research.

According to our research, women have a special set of lies they almost all tell, what are those lies ladies tell in a relationship? here below are the top 5 most common;

1. Money Does Not Matter

Oga do not ever fall for this crap lie a lot of ladies tell. As much as it is true money isn’t always the primary reason women enter into relationships, it most definitely has a strong part to play in their decision making.

The truth is who doesn’t want the comfort money brings; most especially ladies. Every woman wants a secured future of comfort and riches where she doesn’t need to work as much as hard while they can lay back and flex with their man’s money.
Yes, they might be willing to stick with their men when things are a bit rough, it still does not make it a valid statement when such women say that money does not matter to them.

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Common Lies Ladies Tell In Relationship
2. I Have A Headache

This is a classic man, almost every lady has one point faked a headache or i’m feeling sick either to court their man’s attention or to avoid having sex depending on the plan on the menu to be served.
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Best believe Ladies tell lies about the fake headache

3. I Don’t Know
This is another classic lies ladies tell, they have something bordering them. Or they notice something new is happening or not right then you notice they are acting funny or giving you attitude and they reply “I don’t know”, brother do not leave them to it. Be consistent build up a discussion and try to get it out of her, somehow in-between the conversation the bean will be spilt.

4. I’m Fine

When women say they are ok, they usually aren’t. Women would rather pretend all is well, instead of opening up on a matter that could potentially make their partners feel bad.
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5. My Body Count Is Three

Now, to talk about this issue the first question I would ask is are you prepared for the truth if she tells you. If you’re not, then whatever she tells just take it and walk away.

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Know this today ladies always reduce the number of guys they’ve ever been with, so as to maintain the good girl act.

Women downplay the number of their previous ‘sexcapades,’ it is in order to soothe the ego of their partner who might have issues coming to terms with the exact number and relating with them normally without comparing himself to those past lovers.

It’s often not about the woman being ashamed of herself, most of the time. Photo Credit: Getty

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