That Sharp Naija Guy:5 Ways To Avoid Spending Excessively For Valentine’s Day

Its the lovers season and yes the ladies are expectant of all the goodies, parties and sweet things that are supposed to come along with the lovers day. There are a lot of contradictory feelings about Valentine’s Day: some people love it, others loathe it. The one thing most everyone can agree on is that Valentine’s Day is expensive, and it is easy to spend a lot of money on some insignificant things as cards, roses, teddy bears and chocolates—which is utter madness because these things don’t actually dictate true love.Valentine's Day

With so many people in debt considering the current state of the country, amidst this COVID-19 downtrodden economy spending money on Valentine’s Day is ridiculous when there are smarter ways to spend money. That’s why as a proper Sharp Naija Guy you must find a way to avoid spending unnecessarily for such an irrelevant holiday.
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Here are 5 ways to help you avoid spending your hard-earned money on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Avoid Going Out And Do Home Cooked Meals
    It is usually hell on Valentine weekends, everywhere painted red and white, restaurants, lounge clubs and bars filled up, these are not excuses but facts. So just throw this up as a reason to not go out but make sure you get her a box of chocolate and maybe a perfume then invite her over and get in the kitchen together and do a nice home-cooked meal together that’s a unique val experience too.
  2. Get Her a Handcrafted Gift 
    Handcrafted necklace and bangles are some of the cheapest things to get your lady for valentine so far you don’t want to spend overboard. They usually don’t go for more than 3k-5k, Unlike “Teddy Bears and fresh Rose flowers” that go for 20k, 30k to 50k. That’s unnecessarily expensive, so be smart and go for those small handcrafted gifts that most of the time are used to capture memories. They are actually most of the times valued more.
    That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Coded Ways To Avoid Buying Valentine Gifts
  3. Invite Her Over For A Movie Dinner Date 
    Movie nights are a staycation staple, but they’re perfectly acceptable (even better, I think) on Valentine’s Day. Let your partner pick the flicks — or share the title-choosing responsibility — and prepare a few quick go-to snacks to enjoy during the screenings.
  4. Wait Until After Val Before Getting Her A Gift/Jewellery
    Yes, do not buy that jewellery for her just yet, yes she might get angry you didn’t get her anything or not a lot for Valentine, you would just have to live with that. Then you can go out say a couple of days or a week after the whole Valentine’s day paparazzi and razzmatazz and get that nice jewellery you wanted to get her all along. Now it won’t be overpriced and unnecessarily expensive.
  5. Its Usually A Terrible Weekend To Go Out
    You don’t want to go out at all, nor see her either, or rather you don’t want to go out at all. You’re that bloody broke or just not into Valentine well then this should be your go-to phrase it’s a terrible weekend or holiday to go out everywhere is usually rough and jam-packed,  the traffic would be crazy.
    It is a universal truth in the restaurant business that Valentine’s Day is one of the worst days of the year. It is completely slammed from open to close, there are almost exclusively parties of two which requires breaking down and reorganizing the whole dining room, couples are rude, demanding and linger forever. It is generally speaking a hilariously unromantic atmosphere.

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