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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Things To Know When Spending The Night Over At The Lady’s

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Yeah! so she finally agrees for you to come over, you’re spending the night at her place or she probably invited you on her own volition if any of this is what it is the high five! you are about to hit that shit my guy.
spending the night over at her place here's what you need to prepare for
Spending the night over at her place here’s what you need to prepare for

Now, this sometimes might seem like no big, plus maybe she’s being over at your place several times before and you think well it not our first time together so it can’t be that difficult to cope with.
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Well, that means you’ve never got caught in an awkward situation before, so if you intend to fall into a trap and ditch follow these 5 rules diligently and you would go and come back a legend in the pu**y smashing game. So what are the 5 rules when sleeping over at her place for the first time;

  1.  Toiletries/Underwear: So she’s invited you over and you going to be over at her place for a night or a couple of nights, dude don’t go there like you spending the night at your guy’s place. Go along with an extra boxer short, your toothbrush and yes carry your deodorant along it gives her the sense that you came prepared and want to get comfortable at her own space.
  2. Prepare A Rescue Contact: Now this might seem sceptical but hell yeah you need it, just in case things go sideways. Tell a friend where you going to and tell him to be prepared to come to get you when needed.

    Spending the night over here’s what you need to know
  3. Extra Cash: Brother carry enough extra cash do not go there trying to go cashless Oga you fit hook oo! Hold extra cash just in case you get lost or need to buy something impromptu. Yeah, have more than enough to spend on you.
  4. Do Not Initiate Sexual contact until after Midnight: Do just as the title says, yes do not initiate it until after midnight what if she stops you and asks you to leave really late. Just chill until after midnight. Don’t seem too anxious to hit it, make her wait too. Make her get confused, the suspense is good it helps build sexual tension that would drive her sexual hormones into overdrive and very open to you smashing easier especially if you both have never done it before.

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    spending the night over at her place, have at least 2 packs of condoms on you
  5. Wake Up Before She does and Initiate an early morning smash, all women/girls/ladies want and love this which would go about the day glowing, happy, grinning from ear to ear your day might never get better than that with her ever.

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