That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Ways To Know Your Sexual Compatibility With Your Partner

Sexual compatibility is a very important factor in any relationship if any relationship would be a success and if the relationship is working well in other areas then it’s up to both partners to put in the effort to find ways to make the sexual life work. Sexual Compartibility

Sexual compatibility is not just liking the same thing in bed. To be sexually compatible you need to have other factors in your relationship that create a relationship to make the bedroom such a wonderful place to be. Communication is in large part a factor of how well your sex life is. Knowing how to tell someone what you want and what you need to feel good is a huge step on the path to sexual compatibility but more importantly, listening is a key factor as well.
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  1. Communication, talk about Sex:
    Understand your partner by listening to them outside of the bedroom as well as in the bedroom. By listening you can understand their wants and needs without them having to spell them out. This makes you catering to them even more alluring and sexy because it is as if you are a mind reader but you are actually just taking hints from your day to create a relaxing and sensual experience for them, Just like anything in a relationship, it all boils down to good communication. A couple that can talk about anything will be extremely comfortable to try anything in the bedroom as well. Or not try for that matter because they will have the ability to articulate how they feel about certain positions or experiences that they want or do not want when you have sex. Talking in the daylight will help the talking in the night time.
  2. Enjoy The Journey Not  The Destination
    He knows what you like and you know what he likes but an orgasm is the end goal and just because you know the fasted route doesn’t mean that you should not take the scenic route once in a while. Sex, just like life should be about the journey not the destination. Take your time and do what you know one another likes, sexual compatibility is not always about liking the same thing it is about being on the same page.
  3. Finding The Same Thing Hot
    In the early days of dating, there are a couple of delightful little signs to look out for that could give you some clues about your sexual compatibility, such as:You’re on the same page with PDA (public displays of affection). If you LOVE a public hand hold/hug/leg touch/face stroke, and your date clearly hates it, that could be a sign you’re not on the same page sexually (and could lead to some serious frustration if it’s a big deal for one or both of you).
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    Sexual Compatibility

    You both like (or dislike) flirty/sexy texting. If they are all about the sexting and you get turned-on by it too, great! But if they respond to your flirty text with a mundane clanger that ruins the mood, you might not be sexually compatible.

    You find the same movie scenes/songs/podcasts hot. A shared look, a nervous giggle, an eyebrow raise. If the same content gets you both a little flushed, it’s nothing but a good sign.

  4. Willing To Make the Effort
    Be open-minded and willing to try new things. Especially if you and your partner have been dating for a while then there’s the need to go the extra mile to try new things and make the extra effort. From BDSM, to Public Sex, to Sex in a car, be open to try those one-off things and be willing not to limit sex only to the bedroom.

    Sexual Compatibility
  5. Don’t get comfortable
    Don’t get comfortable. Never stop dating your partner. Just because you are happy doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. In order to maintain some element of sexual compatibility never give up on each other. There is always something to learn or something new to try and experience with one another. If you are or think you’re both beginning to get to comfortable, then make one another the focus of your life rather than work or chores then you will not lose your fire in the bedroom.

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