Aunty Aurora: I’m Having Amazing Sex With Three Older Women… And One Of Them Is My Aunt

Dear Aunty Aurora,

I am an extrovert and my friends tell me i’m good looking. Even though I’m popular and have a lot of friends I do not trust anyone around me or can confide in them. I recently discovered that I was adopted before my ‘parents’ had my bothers and sister, hence my name – Shina.The truth is that I’m having incredible sex with three older women, and one of them is my aunt. I’m 31 and when I was 29 my younger brother got married. My aunt – my mum’s younger sister – saw me smooching our older neighbour and said nothing. I have been seeing this older neighbour since I was in university and she has always been generous to me. She is just a fun loving christian woman and nobody has ever suspected us sleeping together. A month after the wedding, I was in Abuja for a work conference and bumped into my aunt who is a widow and a very pretty woman with big breasts at the hotel. Her company was in charge of the event planning and she ensured I had a nice stay and scolded me for not telling her about my trip to Abuja. On the penultimate night of the conference, I went to her room to thank her for all her help and we somehow had mid-blowing sex. That was the start of an affair. I knew deep down it was wrong and we stopped a year later, although neither of us wanted to.I eventually met a nice girl that I thought I might marry and moved in with her but sex with her was nothing like sex with my aunt. I split up with my girlfriend three months ago and my aunt texted me saying she was always there if I needed someone to talk to. I had a good idea she had more than a chat in mind. She is 48 now but still very sexy. I went to see her and she had a friend there who is 54 and married. She’s a curvy woman too. I poured my heart out to them and they both came over to give me a hug. One thing led to another and we all ended up in bed together. They are up for anything sexually and it was simply mind-blowing. I can’t stay away and it has become a regular thing now. I can’t get enough of them. I visit both of them separately for sex and I still meet up with my neighbour too. I do have opportunities with attractive ladies my own age but I seem to have a thing for big-breasted older women. What should I Do Aunty Aurora? Shina, Lekki. Lagos

Dear Shina, I hope you know it is against the law to have sex with an aunt who is a blood relation (your mother’s or your father’s sister). But I think you and your aunt probably knows you are not blood related, yet your actions is still morally questionable. Stop it immediately before someone else guesses the truth and it causes havoc in the family, never mind getting you into trouble. There could be lots of reasons to do with your past (and maybe your adoption and relationship with your mum) why curvy older women press your buttons but this triple fling is a dead end for you. One of these women is married, so neither of them can make any genuine commitment to you. Having sex with them is keeping you hooked and stopping you from looking around for someone who will be free to be with you and have amazing sex with you.Photo Credit: Getty

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