That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Terms Used To Refer To Casual Sexual Relationships

Relationships without a proper definition of what its or where it’s heading to. Are usually referred to as casual sexual relationship and it has quite a number nomenclatures, depending on those involved. There are a few out there but there are some most commonly used.
Casual Sexual Relationship
Casual Sexual Relationship

The ladies are known to use certain types more, and the guys use quite an array of phrases and terms most of the time depending on the level of respect given to the lady involved with. While some terms are most acceptable and can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, some are just brazen street lingos, used by the pop culture in songs and informal settings.
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For a guy or even a lady once you hear a guy label or tag your relationship with any of the following terms and you want more from the relationship just walk away because you can’t find any joy in that relationship.

  1. Situationship:
    The Situationship, most of the time isn’t literally pronounced or said, but it is a thing. The guy or girl might not call it this to the person they are involved in it with, but they call it so to a third party. How to identify you are in a Situationship you know very little about him, his friends, work and family… Never wants to go on a date with you both share is limited to the bedroom.
  2. Going With The Flow:
    This is the most common especially if the lady already has a boyfriend and isn’t planning on leaving him. While for the guy, this happens most of the time if you got sexual first with him before defining what the relationship is all about.

    Casual Sexual Relationship
  3. Complicated:
    Another one I find interesting, this is most heard from ladies when dating a particular guy they are considering breaking up with, but she’s still sexual involved with him but actively still looking for a replacement. Another scenario for this would be that they’re having issues in the relationship and she’s considering a break-up. While if a guy says this to another girl its a big lie he just wants to smash the new girl and isn’t considering leaving his old girl.
  4. Entanglement:
    Well, this is the latest entry to terms used to define casual sexual relationships. I don’t think I need to explain just ask Jada about August then you get the picture.
  5. Distraction:
    This when used by guys, can be used in two ways for the new girl and for their main chick. When they approaching the new girl the guy would use the term he needs a distraction work and all the things happening around him, while for the main chick he uses it that the new girl is just a distraction and nothing more that he’s got his heart stuck on her. This can also be used by ladies too. When a lady tells you, she is is in a distraction of a relationship, run! she’s a profound cheater and loves that guy she calls a distraction like crazy you would end up being the actual distraction.
  6. Friends With Benefits {FYB}:
    Well, this is another interesting casual sexual relationship, an entire article was done to discuss the FYB thingy. Want to know more about it read about it here

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