Valentine Gift: 6 Types Of Gifts To Give A Girl You Want To Smash During Val

#Valentine Gifts….Its the love season again and things seem to be gearing up for one hell of valentine celebration for this year. A lot of people who probably weren’t able to enjoy and express themselves during the last valentine season because of the COVID-19 lockdown, the new year is set to be done in a completely different style. And just as i know a lot of guys out there are prepping up for this year’s val, I have brought them some good tidings of what type of gifts to give their babes that would help them get the “cookie” come val easily.  Valentine Gifts

Come on do something sweet and unique and step away from all of the cliche stuff make her go mushy mushy and loosen up. Even if she might just not give it to you that night, leave a fucking damning image and feeling in her head that would bring her back the next day or some days after just to get some. Don’t worry too much a lot of them want it too so you just have to help nudge them over the finish line, you dig…My Nigga sure you do.
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Without further ado lets delve straight into things, here are 6 special valentine type of gift to give your babe for val if you want to get the cookie later that night;

  1. Chocolate And Movie Date At Home
    First is make sure you get a lot of chocolates for her, hey! they’re aren’t good for you so do not eat them, they ain’t good for your libido its meant for the lady. It helps turn them on and pumps them full of sugar. The second part of this is to set-up for a movie date at home. As planned, pump her full of chocolate and some sweet red wine and softly go to work trust me she’s expecting it.
  2. Lingerie Set And A Candle Light Dinner At Home
    Yeah! this is my favourite, its set-up perfectly to make the night an eventful and memorable one. Just like the first point, this has got two parts too, first get her a lingerie set, a top and panties and all, then tell her that’s what she has to wear to dinner which you’ve set-up at home for just both of you guys. Also, you are to wear only a speedo pant, a hat and a suspender. Now go for the home dinner sitting across each other with candle lights on, with some slow soft romantic music playing in the background. I bet you guys won’t be able to go 30mins before you’re both in each other’s panties.
  3. Surprise Lunch Delivery At Her Work Place
    Catch her by surprise and order her favourite meal or eat out and have it delivered to her at work. Then pick her up later in the day after work and just watch her blush endlessly until all of her clothes come off seamlessly as you get in-between her thighs and bang her brains out.
  4. Surprise Visit Bearing Gifts 
    If you’re in a long-distance relationship, well this is for you, not much to say here than come on dude go pay your baby a surprise visit and burst her bubbles leave her happy too much to think straight until the weekend is over. Remember go bearing gifts.

    Val Gifts
  5. Home Spa Treatment
    Just as the name reads set-up a spa place in your room and make her lie butt naked on the massage bed face down before you walk in. She’s not allowed to turn around until you started massaging her, get a baby oil and be her missues for the day also you have to do this duty with you also butt naked. While you do this gently rub you d*ck against her pussy but do not penetrate unless she says she wants it, while you massage her work on her thigh very close to the coochie and watch her quiver.
  6. Take Her on a shopping spree 
    Well, this is for the slay mamas and for a deserving girlfriend, be smart my brother don’t go and “sanwo omo goo oo” make sure you both have a deal to spend the weekend together before you blow your salary on valentine oo.

Note: These tips are good for both those who are already in a relationship and those who are just starting out, and yeah if you play your cards right it could just be a valentine week something, but ehn! brother as a Sharp Naija guy use your brain and don’t go and blow money anyhow and get nothing in return, I have said my own. Till I come your way next week I am your one and only love conductor.

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