That Sharp Naija Guy: 10 Reasons Why Ladies Turn Down A Guy’s Marriage Proposal

#Why Ladies turn down a guy’s marriage proposal? Lately, I have noticed the sheer raft of young men left in tatters weeping like kids for popping the question to their girlfriend or partner but had their proposal turned down. Why Ladies Turn Down A Guy's Marriage proposal

Now all the time I have seen this all I think of is did you do homework first before thinking of taking it to the next level. Did you at any point have a sit down with this so-called partner of yours and ever talk about the possibility of getting married.
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If no is the answer, then some of the 10 reasons discussed in this article are the reasons why she just might turn down your proposal. Now don’t get me wrong you might have had the sit-down and she did seem open or ready to the idea, but when you did pop the question she still did turn your proposal down.

That is also a possibility, that’s why you would have to take these things discussed in this article to note so as to arm yourself with just when you start to ruminate of the idea to propose to your lady. Find out, about each of the following cues they are the most important things to consider before asking a lady to marry you.

  1. Not Ready/Too Young
    The very first thing to consider before asking any lady to marry you, i mean like before literally popping the proposal question, is the certainty that she’s ready to settle down with you and not just the idea of having a serious committed relationship. Is she ready for all of the pressure, sacrifice, tolerance and compromise that comes with it. Is she ready to be a mother, and take care of you, the kids and a home and possibly your family and hers too. When she’s put in that position to have to think about all of this and she isn’t frightened of this daunting task then she’s ready for the question to be blurt out and can be done in public.
    READ ALSO: That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Car Sex Position, You Must Put On Your Bucket ListAnother important thing to be considered is the age and self-maturity she is at the point of you pose that question to her. These two are the first two major reasons why ladies turn down a guy’s marriage proposal.
  2. Fear Of Commitment 
    Just as the fear of committing and staying faithful to just one woman is scary for men, it is almost the same for a woman too. The Faithfulness ideal is the same for both sexes. Recent statistics have even shown that more married women tend to cheat than even single ladies.
    The fear of commitment is another huge reason why ladies turn down a guy’s marriage proposal.
  3. She Just Doesn’t Love You Enough 
    The thought that she just doesn’t love you enough, to want to spend the rest of her life with you is another huge reason why she might just turn down your proposal. So just before you pop the question confirm in different ways if she really does want to spend the rest of her life with you, does she loves you enough to want to do that.
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  4. Finances 
    Another reason why a ladies turn down a guy’s marriage proposal, is financial capacity, does she consider that you’re financially independent enough to take care of yourself, her needs and the children that the marriage might produce. Simply put “Money” is a major factor why a lady might turn down a guy’s proposal.
  5. She’s Cheating 
    Another major reason why a lady might turn down a guy’s proposal would be if she was cheating in the relationship, or rather put she had multiple partners and you’re not the favourite one. Or she is at a crossroad of having to make a choice and at that point she wasn’t ready to make the difficult decision of having to choose. Right there is another major reason why a lot of Naija babes turn down a guy’s marriage proposal.
  6. Family/Religion 
    This is a very sensitive topic both family and religion but it is also a huge factor. Both have played huge roles in who a lady gets to call her husband and sometimes be the reason why a lady might turn down guys a proposal. Religion differences and family disagreeing with choices of who to marry especially parents opinion these two reasons might just be the reason why she turned you down bro.
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  7. Trust/Communication 
    Trust issues or poor communication are factors that affects too. So say you as a guy cheated on the lady before and then you both reconcile and barely 2-weeks after reconciling you pop the question know that there is a high possibility of having your proposal turned down.
  8. Medical 
    Just maybe one of the two partners has a certain medical issue or condition this might affect if she will accept your proposal too, most of the time from a logical point of view. So having yourself a babe that knows you’ve got a medical condition and she agrees to be with you she is a queen a true gem hold on tight to her. So also it goes the other way around too.
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  9. The Guy 
    Another major reason why a lady might turn a guy’s marriage proposal would be the feeling that you as a guy is ready to commit to something that serious and life-changing. A lady might turn down a guys proposal if she feels he just hasn’t figured out himself and doesn’t even know what he wants for himself and his life talkless of having a life partner and then procreate.
  10. Career 
    This should probably further higher on the list of reasons why some ladies turn down a guy’s marriage proposal but i think it would do perfectly here. Because this is also a very delicate issue, but I believe it is one that can be worked around but know that sometimes career goals and development make some ladies decide against accepting a guys proposal especially if she’s put in a position to sacrifice her career for the sake of the marriage or the guy’s own career.
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Yes these 10 points are some of the most cogent reasons why ladies turn down a guy’s marriage proposal. Photo Credit: Getty

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