That Sharp Naija Guy: Sexual Fantasies; 5 Ways To Do Ice Foreplay

Ice foreplay Fantasies…Yo! Gents and Gees welcome back to yet another exciting episode of our weekly relationship guide and bro code haven for every dude, nigga, and man out there who are fully into their sexuality and in exploring it to the fullest. So the last few days as it was talks of sexual fantasies that had everyone by the grip due to the statement by the hugely controversial singer Naira Marley. Ice Foreplay fantasies

Well, in my humble opinion everybody has the freedom to express his/her opinion, and is free to daydream of what type of sexual life and wishes they intend to fulfill and live. And just to note the singer did out a caveat in his sexual fantasy saying whoever he was going to have his fantasies with will do so only by consent even though it would be with a mother and a daughter.
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Well, for those who think that is too extreme and aren’t into it, well that doesn’t mean there aren’t other types of fantasies that aren’t as extreme that you can’t engage in one of which is the “Ice Lovemaking” fantasy.

Ice Sexual FantasiesHave you ever made love with a woman, but you both do so playing around, having deep sensual foreplay with the use of “ICE”. Damn it is such a killer, a made turn-on, some crazy next-level shit. The good part about this fantasy is that it comes and works for both parties.

You both just need to be open and be ready to explore, teased, turn-on like crazy, ready to scream, ice freeze it is one hell of a bumper package.

Ice foreplay and sex offers quite an array of styles and things it could be used for, below we will explore at least 5 of these styles, so sit back and enjoy this mesmerizing experience;

  1. Use Ice for General Foreplay tool:
    The first play that can be achieved with Ice, is the general tingling feeling it gives which when mixed with sensual activities like kiss, sucking and nibbling of nipples can give a mad edgy feeling that comes with arousal. So yeah grab an ice cube and work it around each others body in turns. Make Ice trace across the sensitive delicate parts of the body for a man run it along his rib cage it most definitely will turn him on like crazy, also work it around his nipple too, and finally use to rub his dick, while you interchange the motion with some oral sex.For the lady use it on her nipple, rub it around the areolas, walk it down her breast valley, put just long enough on her nipple to make them stiffen a little before sucking on them, then walk it down her navel, then her mon, her thighs, along her rib cage, all of the motions will most definitely drive her nuts that will make her grab you and beg you to fuck her hard and crazily.
  2. Tie Up and Ice-play:
    To add more spice to the “Ice foreplay Play”, tie your partner up the hands and bound them making it difficult for them to escape while you go to work on them. Push them threshold for sexual pleasure to its boundaries this is some serious next-level stuff. She will scream, cry and call for you to fuck her. How to do this after confirming she is well bound and can’t escape done on consent though, also note not to tighten the bound too much, the goal here is pleasure and not pain. READ ALSO: That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Sex Games That Act As The Perfect Foreplay
    Now once she is well-bound use the ice on sensitive parts of her body, the breasts, nipple, navel, rib tracing, the thighs, mon and finally use on the pussy then softly push into the VJ but not too deep so that you can reach in pull it back out. Follow the process and don’t jump any of the steps and watch her lose it completely.
  3. Ice Play for Nipple And Nipple Biting: 
    Like it has been described already several times in this piece, just apply the ice on the nipple and use it to nibble and bite the nipple while flossing your face in-between both boob valleys.
  4. Ice For Oral Orgasm: 
    Ok, so you already practiced all of the other styles, next is using the ice to give a one of kind oral, like use the ice to suck rub against her clitoris, rub on it fast and watch her squirt within minutes of you going down on her. She is most definitely bound to scream for her mum at some point during this process especially if you have hands bounded. Try it
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  5. Ice In The Butt Hole During Sex:
    Just like you did for the pussy where you pushed an ice piece inside her pussy, this time use a piece of ice, not too big, but about 3-5 cm long put in her butt hole after all of the aforementioned process have been followed and then penetrate her. This is what i called double pleasure, triple the sensation. Enjoy, come back and comment after you’ve tried any of the processes explained. Thank you

N:B; Know the difference between tingling ice sensation, frostbite, and arousal.

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