Monday, July 4, 2022

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why Protest Ground Is A Good Place To Meet Girls

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Yeah! SNGees these week has been nothing but good riddance, If you haven’t been to the Lekki, Alausa, Abuja and PH Protest grounds my brothers y’all are missing out on potential hookups ooo. Protest grounds is now the new Tinder and dating hotspots to be at don’t dull. Protest Ground Hook-up

As first-hand eyewitness who just loves to give its esteemed readers and followers the latest updates, brother you’ve got to be at protest grounds go express your civil rights and cruise with babes. You don’t know, you just might meet your potential life-partner in struggle and in “za oda room” matters.
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On a real though, some of the prettiest and well-connected ladies you could ever think of getting the opportunity to meet are currently partaking in protests across the nation so tell me why aren’t you there too as smart SNG that you are. Here are 5 reasons why protest ground is a good place to meet “Wharzup babes”

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  1. You Get To Meet Fresh Babes:
    Just think about who are actually the ladies taking part mostly in the protest, when you realise that the protest was organic and originated from Twitter then you get that its some of the most educated and freshest then you know understand the gist better.
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  2. Easy To Get Contacts: 
    Contacts are easier to get from the babes from protest grounds especially after you commit to long walks together spend 6-hours together for a struggle they are more open to making you a friend, also remember to ask for her Twitter handle. O ti ye
  3. They’re also there to meet people too:
    Yes, some of the ladies at protest grounds are also there to meet people too, so take advantage and catch your cruise, make friends this type of protests are once in a lifetime experience take an active part in it.
  4. Boredom Babes:
    Some of the ladies at the protest grounds are there to have fun and nothing else. Most people have been locked up at home for 4-5months finally this is a release. An opportunity to mix and mingle, meet people see celebrities groove party while still fighting for their future.
  5. Active and Open Ladies: 
    Another reason why protest grounds is another hotspot to spot chics is that ladies that attend protests are most definitely young open and active ladies. They are generation Z ladies so SNGees take advantage hit the streets of Lagos and hook-up though remember to use a condom.
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