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That Sharp Naija Guy: 3 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Babe Dress Seductively

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#Why You Should Let Your Babe Dress Seductively!!! Ask any man what time visually he enjoys seen his woman he would reply when she’s probably wearing a tight-fitted body con gown, or when she’s wearing only pant and bra, or just lingerie, basically every man always loves seeing their woman wear skimpy or minimal items of clothing. But the real issue is where they want them to wear it, well this where this article tends to come in solve that conundrum and gives you just 3 reasons why you should let your babe dress seductively /sexily whichever it may be for you.
Let your babe dress seductively
Dominate his imagination always seductively; Let your babe dress seductively

A friend of mine once said and i quote; “A man likes a woman to look hot if she is his girlfriend; cute if she is his sister; graceful if she is his mother and sultry if she is his wife. Men know best how a woman needs to dress because men being visual creature fantasize about women all the time!”
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Well, I find this quote very true, In all aspect but the truth is each of the female character mentioned above is actually the wife or babe of one particular man, be it the mother or the sister.
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Seductively dress for a dinner date with your man

The truth is every man/guy loves it when his lady puts in the effort to dress-up for them, it is actually a man’s biggest turn on. No matter how long the marriage has been, Transparent lingerie in the bedroom is always a yes. Men fantasize a lot and would rather prefer they undress a lady who is clad in something sexy or seductive rather than her even naked.

Clothes say a lot about a woman’s exposure, lifestyle and confidence. The way she wears her hair and make-up says a lot about her sense of style and sophistication. Her choice of fragrance and pair of heels say a lot about her personality and taste
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  1. The sexier the more confident she becomes
    Yes the sexier she dresses the more confidence she becomes about herself as a person, her body and her life choices. It will only make her more comfortable and free to express herself which if you truly love her you would want to help her achieve and express all of these because you the most will reap the benefits of these the most. A confident woman would stand by her choice of man and believe in him more because she is confident she made the right choice and didn’t settle.

    Seductively dressed for a night date
  2. The sexier the more the sex 
    Which man wouldn’t want this, the more she gets comfortable about dressing sexy and it becomes a thing for her the more sexual she becomes as a being and of course that’s more sex for you as a man. So support her to dress more seductively, help her make you go gaga even after she’s given that’s when it counts a lot more because it will her feel great about her body.

    Dominate his imagination always seductively
  3. Increases Trust and Improves the sexual bond between you and your partner, just as it is said in the title, it is so much true guided with scientific facts. These are not just random tall talks, a very recent study by neuroscientist teaches us a lot about the what’s and why’s of our sexual desires. The study clearly signifies that men love to objectify females, and when that female is their soul mate the pleasure just doubles. Most of the male partners complain of dulling of their sexual relationship as their marriage attains a prolonged comfort level. They feel that due to the comfort level, their partners have stopped putting efforts like buying special lingerie etc. Hence, the teasing of the sheer net gowns, the lacy babydoll sets, the bold coloured lingerie are always a forever (ladies take that note).
Seductively dress in casual wear

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