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That Sharp Naija Guy: 4 Ways To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend

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Cheating is an age-old crime in any relationship, but lately, i have a lot of ladies be quick to jump on the cheating cliche as the reason why they broke up with their partner.  Catch A Cheating Girlfriend

The slang “men are scum” is a very popular and quick go-to word for ladies to use to batter men’s ego. But the truth is modern-day ladies cheat too, in the actual sense, they cheat more than guys. The perception that women don’t cheat (or cheat less, compared to men) stems from the fact that they plan and execute infidelity with high level of precision. They do this because the risks and consequences of being caught are dire.
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  1. Study Her Menstrual Cycle:
    To catch a cheating woman one has to narrow down to certain times of her monthly menstrual cycle. If asked, most women might confess that indeed at certain times of the month they are always tempted to cheat. To catch a cheating babe, then, all a guy needs to do is study and cram his lady’s menstrual cycle and keenly observe how she behaves during the cheating window.We have discovered that during their fertile days, women are likely to stray require very little or at times no incentive to cheat. Know your woman’s date of being horny, with her hormones ragingly high, which could lead to her misbehaving and just wanting some rod to prod her these are the days she’s of high tendency to cheat the most, engage in flirty messages with other men and in the long run can lead to them both getting down.
  2. Drop by unannounced
    Most cheaters will cheat in the absence of their partner’s. You could drop by their workplace or home unannounced or simply come back home at unusual times when they do not expect.The trick here is not to make it obvious that you are spying on them. Always have an excuse as to why you have dropped by. The first thing your partner will do if they are cheating is not to welcome you with a smile but seem surprised or even angry.
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    It is also crucial to note that a cheating partner will most often blame the other partner of cheating. This is what is known as reverse psychology. Instead of getting angry or annoyed, continue dropping by unannounced and change your timetable.

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    The above are just but a few of the tricks you can use to catch a cheating spouse. If you intend to accuse your partner of cheating, you better be sure of it. Make use of the above methods and no matter how smart they think they are, you will catch them sooner rather than later.

  3. Be Careful Of Those She Calls Just A Friend/Male Bestie Cheating Is Expensive
    Yes, watch out for those guys that just pop out of the blue into your babe’s life and claim to be just a friend or all of sudden she has herself male bestie that’s a huge red flag be vigilant and do not sleep on it.Most of the time such couples share a history or intend to very soon, so if you care so much about the relationship call your lady to arm and warn her of the relationship she shares with such guys. If she stays stubborn and is insistent on maintaining the relationship then prepare to go into deep undercover to get the real truth of what’s happening between the pair.
  4. Unexpected Phone Search and snooping
    If you all of a sudden notice that your lady is spending more time on her phone at odd hours, she has a sudden change in behaviour or jump to it whenever you walk in on her while she’s on her phone be cautious and heed the warning there might just be more to it all. Or rather prefers to hide her phone from you or is always super big on private space.You can’t get to be on her phone for more than 5-minutes and she starts to ask for it back or complains that you’ve been on it for too long. Now you’ve reasons to get suspicious and go for an unexpected phone search and snoop around for evidence to ascertain your fears. But know one thing for sure that once you go down this line it is very difficult to come out it fine and happy. Because most of the times you will for sure find something that could break your heart or hurt you badly.
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Most women who cheat on their boyfriends or husbands do not do so necessarily because they feel less loved or are unhappy. Most cheat just because they have boring bedroom lives. Period. Most are ‘happily’ married, but never happy in their bedrooms. Little wonder then, that, they stay put (and cheat) and never file for divorce or separation.

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