That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Perfect Spots To Have A Quickie On Valentines Day

As a proper SNG, you just want a Quickie sex, nothing is more fun than having that hot intense pressed for time Quickie sex but finding the right spot to could prove difficult. Valentine is just a couple of days away and has a Sharp Naija Guy you’ve got a date for that day, but you’re not sure if the date would end up back at your place or hers then you’ve got to be ready to take advantage if you so badly want to hit her sweet in the middle. Quickie Sex

Quickies get an unfairly bad reputation for being rushed and unsatisfying. But too much of anything — yes, even super-slow, intimate sex with much eye-gazing, touching of souls, and whatnot — becomes “blah” if that’s all that’s going on. Plus, quickies are all kinds of fun. They’re hot, insistent, and, if you’re pressed for time, damn convenient.

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Here are 5 perfect spots and styles meant to give you the perfect hot intense Quickie sex you so much crave for on Val’s day;

  1. Missing In The Party, Sex On The Sink: Now for this to work she has to be on a skirt or a gown that can be easily pulled up and panties get be get out of the way really fast, remember it’s a quickie no time to take the shirts nor blouse. Get the boobs out bumbling around for some visual stimulation and oral stimulation for the lady while you get in-between her legs and go to work.
    She has to be seated on the bathroom sink for height ease of penetration, to help set-up the mood for this all night send her flirty messages, during the date or night out be as flirty you can be in the most classic way, licks on the ear while dancing, grab her waist press her backside against your crotch really hard make her feel your get her aroused and wanting before the real deal.
  2. Standing Doggy In the Bathroom: This variation of Quickie sex position the lady has to be in front of you with her backside towards the man, the man can reach around to pull off her panties stimulate her a bit by fondling with her clit, while the other hand is on the boobs teasing, pinching and fondling with her nipples and areola.
    The good part of this position is that even if she is on a jean you can still get good and easy access from behind pinning her against a wall or she can behind over and holding her kneels, the best option she holds on to a wall.
  3. Up Against the Wall: The good part of this position is that it can be done in a number of places and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the bathroom, as long as there is a wall and you both are down for it then shoot away. The difference between this and the Missing in the Party sex in the Bathroom is that there’s no sink this time rather the man has to lift his partner’s legs with her back against the wall and yes the clothes still don’t need to come off just the panties with are jeans completely out of the way.
  4. Quickie Sex In the Car: This is probably the holy grail for quickies there’s no better place to have hot intense sex if not in a car after a night of love and romance just get your freak on in the car and express love to each other using your body.
  5. Ballet Dancer In The Elevator: Stand facing one another and wrap one of your legs around his buttocks or thigh. Use your leg to pull him into you.

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