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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Foolproof Ways To Make A Plus Size Woman Reach Orgasm Quick Multiple Times

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Having problems on how to make your plus-size woman reach orgasm quick multiple times? well, bro! don’t fret because you’re in safe hands. Be rest assured that you will make your woman hit seventh heaven this night or the next time you both smash.  Make Plus Size Woman Reach Orgasm

Making a woman orgasm is no longer rocket science, so also is making your plus-size lady reach orgasm its no complex mathematical equation so long as you follow the following techniques religiously. Do these tips and just watch her gush fluids, twist, and twirl at your mercy.
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  1. Long Attention To Foreplay:
    Ways To Make A Plus-Size Woman Reach Orgasm Quick Multiple Times

    Come on bro, she is a big woman which means you have more areas to work on. And the beautiful side to smashing a big lady is they respond quite fast to stimulation so long as you touch the right places. So bite, nibble, kiss, use your tongue on her areola, while you rub on her clit with loving vigor, not too hard but with intense speed. If there is friction just lubricate your finger on the clit itself if she isn’t already wet, and go to work.
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  2. Be Relaxed and Be In Control:
    You and your girl both need to be relaxed. Set up the mood, make her feel comfortable with little touches here and there, run your fingers through her thighs, lick those sensual areas and set her body on fire, with the mood right massage her boobs, spread her laps open after long foreplay, set in-between her legs and use the head of your dick to rub against her clit for some 30 seconds start slowly and then pick up the pace really fast and maintain particular speed for just 1 minute I bet she will explode with fluids, squirt all over.
  3. Use Lubrication: For less friction and more flow use lubrication. Get a baby oil and pour it on her body rub it all over her body use this to do light massaging. Massage her thighs, her pussy lips, and her mon and watch all of her body shiver calling for you, and when you finally do slide in her don’t go in completely just push in only the head of dick and thrust for 30 seconds and watch her explode again.
  4. Ice Foreplay:
    Sexy Plus-size woman SNG KOKO TV NG 1
    Ways To Make A Plus-Size Woman Reach Orgasm Quick Multiple Times

    Use Ice to work, massage, tease the most sensitive parts of her body like her neck, her nipples, the areola, her rib cage, and finally to the holy grail her inner thighs starting from just 2 inches above her knee then work it up to very close to her pussy. Then finally use it on her pussy lips on her clit and watch her explode yet again.
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  5. Take A Break After the first Orgasm: Yes after you notice that she’s cum or squirted slowly retreat and finally stop. Take a break then come back and this time go full banging, pump her full after you must have learned the best sex position to be in for full sexual pleasure with a plus-size woman. Watch our trending video of the day below:

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