That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Things To Always Take-Off During Sex

Sex is a beautiful way of expressing love, affection, and just as much as a dope form of exercise, but to enjoy this pleasurable act of the body to the fullest then there are certain things that should be done or simply put removed from one’s body be it the woman or the man. Sex: Things To Take Of During SEX

Certain wears, or body ornament if left one while having sex it hampers the free flow of the sexual activity and wholeness of enjoying the pleasures of sexual intercourse. After some research and interview with 100 men and 100 women, these are the 7 most consistent answers or feedback that was received;
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  1. Socks:
    It is surprising that this is the first thing on the list but it is actually quite true, according to the research of 100 men, it was recorded that having socks on during sex doesn’t help especially if the sexual activity happens in a missionary position or styles related to such because socks don’t help with friction. During motion, you can’t have a good grip with your toes or your legs basically. Even if during doggy, or if the sexual intercourse happens on a marble floor.
  2. Pants:
    Please always take off the pants that were the advice of some women who were interviewed they said if left on or just push to the side it hampers the free flow of thrusting. While some men said the friction that pants can cause have given them blisters. Also in a bid to keep the pants out of the way, the hand becomes occupied and somehow affects the flow, so simply put be it a quickie or not always remove the pants.
  3. Boxers:
    Almost the same as the pants, it affects the free flow, reduces penetration level, and can cause blisters. So no need for it is there just pull it down and pull out that gbola, let breathe free.

    Romantic young couple moment in the bedroom
  4. Bra/Tops:
    This reply was mostly from women surprisingly saying that a lot of men forget sometimes that the breast is also a sexual organ. The feedback by some women was that men most times once they’ve gotten access to the coochie just forget the breast and don’t pay enough attention to it, so a lot of times they leave it unattended to in the bra or don’t even mind not taking off their tops. So for the women folks sake men take off the bras and tops and pay enough attention to the boobs to they also give wild orgasms if well tendered to.
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  5. Wristwatch:
    Wristwatches also need to be taken off according to feedbacks it gets stuck in the hair during sex. It jingles around too much during sex and might become distracting especially chain wristwatches.
  6. Earrings:
    This is another thing that hampers easy flow but its more pertaining to women. Just like wristwatches, it gets stuck in the hair, it could sting like a needle if the head is wrong placed against the pillow and pressure is placed on the ear. A bad sting of the earring can quickly and easily dampen the mood, so in a bid to avoid that just take it off.

N.B: A quick one, remove all sharp/harmful objects from the vicinity if you both have the tendencies to having aggressive sex.
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