That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Ways On How To Make A Lady Squirt During {Sex} – Part 2

Hello SNG world welcome back to your favourite love doctor’s page again. So last week I started an article on how to prove that you are the ultimate lover and how to blow a lady’s mind in the bedroom by making her squirt getting to the peak of her orgasm without even making penetration, today we take it a step further on how to make a lady squirt during sex.
How To Make A Lady Squirt During Sex
How To Make A Lady Squirt During Sex

So this week I would continue by giving a detailed explanation of 6 different ways to make a lady squirt during sex.

Am sure some of y’all have tried out some of the tips I gave out last week and with my detailed explanation, you most definitely must have taken your bedroom game to next level with your lady.

If your partner can squirt easily when you finger her, and you both enjoyed it, then it will make sense if you can get her to squirt during sex.

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So make sure you have removed the Brakes to her sex drive & intensified the accelerators to make her crazy Horny

Then, all you need to worry about is “what position should I use in penetrating her?”
One of the great things about making a lady squirt during sex is that it doesn’t require deep penetration.
You only need to penetrate 1-3 inches deep to stroke her G-Spot & make her squirt, making it possible for even the least endowed guys. This means, that having a bigger penis isn’t necessary to make a lady squirt, and now is not the time to worry about lasting 3 hours in bed, just focus on the position you’re using.

Here below are the 6 most effective ways to make a lady squirt during sex;

  1. Elevated Bum: I call this position the elevated bum because to achieve the type of G-spot stimulation that would make your lady squirt here, she has to be on her back with her legs on your shoulder, then you place a pillow underneath her bum, not her hip her bum. And considering height maybe that isn’t effective enough then you can support your lady by placing your hands underneath and kind-off lift her a little making it seems like you’re slightly lower to the position of her vagina. This position is all about hitting her G-Spot with each thrust. You just need to focus on thrusting in and out. If your lady likes it harder, & even animalistic sex, then you can as well oblige and really pound her hard by pulling her into yourself with each thrust.
  2.  LaunchPad Position: This position is great for the lady as it gives her a lot of control over how deep you penetrate her. She can easily push you back with her feet if you’re too deep or relax her legs so you can go deeper, well this position isn’t for persons of all height as a tall lady, who might be a little taller than you as the guy would make it difficult for both of you to enjoy this position.
  3. Heavenly Gates: The heavenly back Gates is a position that a lot of guys and ladies have never tried. It’s a great way for the lady to be in the driver’s seat, as the lady would be on top and you as the guy would be on your back below her. This way she can control the depth, speed, & pressure on her G-Spot. See image below.

    How To Make A Lady Squirt
  4. Sitting Heavenly Gates: The sitting heavenly position quite is similar to the Heavenly Gates position as you won’t be able to thrust much. This means that the lady would also control how she feels you, whether it’s an in-and-out motion she wants, a grinding motion, or a combination of both.
  5. Crab Rodeo Style: Realistically the Crab position is almost identical to Cowgirl, except she will be leaning backwards & supporting herself with her hands behind her. During the Crab, she can take a lot of control, but if she likes, you can also do some thrusting in.
  6. On The Belly Doggy: In the belly doggy position, your lady will be lying down on her stomach, and u will be straddling her from behind now you’re finally in control. but constrain here is that instead of thrusting in and out, you’re to grind on her. So you’re to stay deep in her during the grinding motion also make sure her legs are together with both your legs on the outside at both sides, then need to move back and forth along her butt, while staying deep remember. This movement will cause the tip of your penis to rub back and forth over her G-Spot with intense pressure making twirl in ecstasy trying to escape from you grabbing hold of almost anything she can hold on to and boom the eruption would happen. This probably the best position for a man to trying to know how to make a lady squirt

So I got some emails after last week’s lecture asking me do all women squirt, the is yes but to a varying level of eruption and at varying level of stimulation, some ladies with very slight pressure on their G-spot they would scatter everywhere with the boom, while some it takes a little longer, a bit more pressure and intensity applied on their G-spot. But yes every woman, lady and girl squirts. Photo Credit: Getty


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