That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Types Of Girls To Avoid During This Festive Period

Girls girls girls!!! who else has noticed the sheer number of weddings that took place in Nigeria, most especially in Lagos in the last few weeks that leaves you baffled with who are these noise-making girls on social media always attacking the male folks. And yet their friends and sisters are getting married week in week out. Yes, these ladies are the very type of girls to avoid during this festive period and heading into the new year.  Girls To Avoid During This Festive Period

Those walking labels, billers, I am a CEO, I am an independent lady just because they sell cheap-ass tops and footies on WhatsApp. These girls are more than half of the ladies that surround an average Naija guy but some are worse than other, below are 5 types of girls to avoid during this festive period and heading into the new year.
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  1. Billers 
    Yes, brethren, this is the no.1 group of ladies you must find all ways to avoid amidst this festive period and heading into the new year, why? because they’re a first-class liability and they mean no good. They see men as a financial breakthrough in their lives so avoid them at all costs. 2020 was tough, so protect yourself, financially and emotionally and prepare for 2021 cut-off any unnecessary burden. "Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's Ordeal
  2. Sey You Will Not Take Me Out
     Nah! this type of girls most times are either in serious relationships or are just going through a brief patchy path in their relationship and you are just a stopgap. Be careful of such time wasters that would cost you time, money and energy.
  3. Come And Give Me Christmas Gift
    Hmmm! another broke-ass taker girl. Be careful of a girl you haven’t seen in or spoken to in a long time and they just waltz into your DM only to hit you with the come and buy me a Christmas/New Year Gift. My brother you deserve more and better so once such ladies do come around bounce them except you both have a history and its a situation of once “de be” always “de be”.
  4. I Need Somebody To Come And Spoil
    At all cost avoid girls who are always posting stuff like, I need somebody to spoil me, please come and loan me a 2k. Girls with the entitlement feeling who feel just because they’re a lady a guy is meant to fend for them, and all they bring to the table is a veejay. Brother abeg! waka and leave this liability in the 60s while you look and asset for your future.
  5. God When: 
    You see this very last category they comprise all of the aforementioned categories they are always on social media timelines shouting “God When”, but are the very same type that would weaponise rape and other atrocious claims so as to bring you down. Avoid them now, always and forever…2021 here we come SNG We meuvee!!!
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