Aunty Aurora: I’m Having Sex With My Best Friend’s Dad Who’s Twice My Age


Dear Aunty Aurora,

I am a 25-year-old MBA holder and I’ve been meeting my best friend’s dad for hot sex thrice a week.

My best friend and I have gone through school together since nursery. Our parents have been friends all these years too. My friend’s dad is 55, good looking and wealthy, just like my dad.

Woman Undressing for Man

A couple of months ago, I called round to my friend’s and whilst waiting for her to return, i was somehow chatted up by her dad. He told me I’m a very attractive girl. And we have been seeing ourselves since then. sex with him has been hot and very passionate. My friend’s dad is a widower but I’m not sure my friend will want me to be are step-mother. What should I do? Thanks. Jenny, Port Harcourt Dear Jenny: I can understand your dilemma but your friends’s dad is free to love you. If He’s really interested in marrying you and you love him, then you might want to be open with all parties that are likely to be affected. If this is just about sex, your parents will lose trust in you and you’ll lose your best friend too. You’ll get a load of grief. Don’t get into a self-destructive dead-end no-strings-sex arrangement. You’ll feel cheap and you’ll be hurt that this relationship can come to nothing.Photo Credit: Getty

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