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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Traits To Help You Identify A Toxic Girlfriend

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This article intends to help you know how to identify a toxic girlfriend very early in a relationship before you guys go too far with things so that you can “Japa” as a sharp guy.
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Toxic Girlfriend

To be in a relationship without having to deal with toxicity coming from either partner is hard work already on its own, talkless having to deal with some person with a bit of mental. A great relationship entails a lot of conscious decision, tolerance, sacrifice, understanding and patience in the bid to enjoy, support and stay happy together.

That’s why as a Sharp Guy you’ve to be careful with the type of girls you start a relationship with, if you’ve ever been in a relationship with a girl that goes loony sometimes then you would understand just how much toxic, distracting and derailing dating such a girl could be to young man’s life.
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Coping with a toxic and Independent girlfriend

To date anyone, you would have gone through the early days of just talking and feeling up each other’s beliefs and learning what their values are. As a guy it is at this point you start to sample and weigh a girl’s thinking prowess, her life goals, her decision-making ability what she values and how she treats others in totality and her general take on life.

You’ve to do this because being in a proper relationship entails a lot more than just some pretty face, big boobs and abundance of curves. It is at this points she would start dropping certain hints of who she really is, do not ignore and think hmm this isn’t too bad I can work with this, my brother you digging your own grave.

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True! you can’t get to know her fully well within a week nor 3 months nor just by going out regularly and only by some of the things she says. But the biggest hints come out during this period ask questions, probe her brain.
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Now if she ever says or tells you that in her previous relationships her Exes complained about these things, Oga carrry your load and run o!…

1. I Can Be Crazy Sometimes:

Nobody wants to date a crazy person. Nobody wants to consciously bring into their life someone that would take away their peace. We all want someone mature enough to have a grasp on the emotions, someone who has the emotional intelligence to talk things through seat down and have a proper conversation. So if you ever meet a lady that says I can be crazy sometimes and might do stupid things, my brother run!

When a lady says i can be crazy sometimes or she says people say i can be crazy sometimes, it is usually a pointer to and a glorification that she has anger issues, aggressive and a host of other toxic behaviours that they don’t want to admit to having. And who says the ‘craziness’ she speaks of will only be ‘sometimes’?

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Toxic Girlfriend
Traits Of A Toxic Girlfriend

One of the ways to deal with this is to find out if there have been previous relationships and how they ended.

2. “When a Lady Says I Need A Man That Can Handle Me And Love Me For Who I Am”

If she says this, you really need to ask for clarification. What exactly does she need to be handled for? Is it an, or some unconventional sexual craving you may not be comfortable with?

Does she want you to handle her over-possessiveness, bossiness, stubbornness, overbearing behaviour, jealousy, or some other thing?

How to Identify a Toxic Girlfriend

Man, you have to ask for clarification on these things and not get carried away with the cuteness with which she says them. Because she would just simply refer to this point and I told you from the onset I need someone that could handle me and love me for who I am. This is a lady that isn’t willing to change or make compromises they are the most difficult and dangerous because they know they have issues and aren’t ready to work on them.

3. I Have So Much Drama

A drama-free relationship is the best. So when she comes with this line, my good man, let the alarm bells in your head go off, and don’t ignore it!

Again ask questions about the type of drama she comes with. If you can’t handle it, and chances are that you won’t be able to, you better run away as fast as you can!

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4. I Scare Myself Sometimes

Even the sound of this should put some fear into you!

If she scares herself with the kind of impressive work ethic she has, or some other great thing she intensely devotes herself to, this may not be bad afterall.

Coping with a Toxic Girlfriend

However, if it’s something negative about herself she’s referring to, baba, you should be scared, too!

5. Even My Parents Fear Me

You want to be with a woman who has people she’s accountable to, and parents are one of such people.

If she’s saying her parents fear her, it means they can’t call her to order when she’s mad. And this should reeeaaaaally worry you.

It’s worse if her friends too aren’t incapable of calling her to order when she goes off. So my advice is carry your load and tear race the truth is that nobody wants a nut case except you are one yourself.

NB: Though some of them are not always all bad, try to get clarification before you take off. But sha! these 5 pointers are key indicators to watch out for when hooking up with modern Nigerian ladies. Because a lot of them have skushis in their head now o

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