Friday, October 7, 2022

Aunty Aurora: I Don’t Know Who I Love More

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
Kindly keep me anonymous. Please advice me on how to go about this issue that has been bothering for a while. My problem majorly is indecision and its beginning to wear me down bit by bit. I have been dating my current boyfriend for a while now and its been a very happy one. He goes out of his way to do things for me and my family and I can even attribute most of my achievements to him. He has been so supportive and I am almost a hundred per cent sure that I will have a very comfortable life if I decide to marry him. Unfortunately or fortunately (I really don’t know), I came across one of my ex and found out  that I was still in love with him. Though I have been feeling extremely guilty that I have been secretly seeing this former boyfriend, I can’t seem to help myself. My current boyfriend now seems boring and drab compared to my witty and charming ex. How do I solve this because I am very confused. From Ogun State.
Dear Anonymous,
Its normal to be uncertain about your feelings sometimes but also it is important you come to a decision before it is too late. I think its not fair on your current boyfriend that you would continue to hold on to him when you know your heart is no longer with him. Not only does it mean you are cheating but also that you are holding him back from finding someone else who would love him. The best thing to do is to examine your feelings properly and decide if you are actually still truly in love with your ex or you are just dazzled by his ‘wit and charm.’ You have to also be certain that your feelings are returned and you are not just throwing away gold for gravel. Once you are sure who you want to be with, then make sure the other person isn’t being led on expecting a love you can’t give.
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