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Five Beauty Hacks For Your Skin As You Grow Older

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The rule of thumb with aging skin is that less is definitely more.

Primer is key: After moisturising your face, apply a good quality primer. You might have got away with applying foundation without primer when you were younger, but as you get older, that won’t work anymore. Your skin is now drier, more lined, and uneven in general. The foundation gets into the lines, sticks to the dry patches, and ends up making you looking blotchy and even older.

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Moisturise Nicely:
 Always apply primer after moisturising to cover the fine lines and allow foundation to go on smoothly. Apply primer on eyelids too to neutralize any discolouration that makes one look tired.

Go easy on foundation: 
Don’t slather on a thick layer of foundation to hide tell-tale signs of aging. That only makes you look older. The thick coat of foundation gives you a mask-like appearance, and tends to break into deep cracks which look far worse than the blemishes you’re trying to conceal.

Apply a primer after moisturiser.
Apply a light liquid foundation for a slightly dewy finish.
Apply foundation lightly with a brush, rather than rubbing it in.
Follow up with a colour corrector for any dark spots and discolourised patches.

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Open up your eyes: The eyes and the delicate skin around them, are the first to give away your age- crow’s feet, drooping and eyelids, disappearing lashes and brows.

Create the illusion of youth by drawing attention from a droopy eyelid to the eye itself. You can do this by:

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Apply a soft, thin streak of eyeliner on your top and bottom lashes. This enhances the shape of your eyes and makes it look like you have thicker, more youthful lashes.

Solve thinning or greying eyebrows with deft use of an eyebrow pencil that complements your natural colour. Remember to stick to your natural eyebrow shape. Dab a little powder over the eyebrow to help it stay put.

Dab a little bit of light shimmer shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them look bigger, brighter and more alert.

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