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Music Review: Blaqbonez Reinforces That He Is The Best Rapper In Africa On ‘Sex Over Love’

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Finally, Emeka Akumefule aka Blaqbonez has dropped a bundle of lyrics and beats into the awaiting and eager arms of his fans. His first full-length album titled, Sex over Love has been a long time coming. The 14-track album sheds light on Emeka the Stallion himself, a fantastic rapper and singer who is the voice of his generation where the physical takes precedence over emotional attachment and values.blaqbonezBlaqbonez has fought and fought hard, going back to how he named himself the ‘best rapper in Africa’ which put him and his work on the watchlist of many.
He opens the floor of this body of work with cool and Drake-like vibes. Going straight into rap and Koko of the matter. Of course, when sex reigns over love, money is definitely on top and he makes this clear right from the beginning as he sings, they can never stop me I got money now, I’m never letting go.
Seeing the direction of his lyrics one is not surprised as it surely depicts sex over love.
Words like F*ck you, stick, b*tch and sex-related words gain prominence on this body of work.
Songs like Heartbreaker featuring Nasty C, show a guy who is not ready for love and makes it clear that he is more for the sex than the love. That is why he is a heartbreaker. Nasty C then completes the bad boy victory rap as he flows effortlessly and rhymes over the beats to create a hip-hop anthem for bad boys everywhere.
When it comes to rap, Blaqbonez via this album has one intention in mind to reinforce that he is the best when it comes to rap.
Having people like Amaarae and Buju brought out the cozy yet groovy beat on Bling, the beat and instrumentation reinforced this feeling.
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Blaqbonez makes it clear that he is not interested and neither does he trust the word love. He says that he has Never Been in Love, f*ck that shit. The content of this track is channeled once again in the perfect direction embodying the central theme of this body of work that he indeed will surely and always pick sex over love.
He answers the silent ‘why’ as regards the title of this album, and on this track, it has been discovered that because he has never been in love he would pick sex over love.
This body of work is somewhat a depiction of today’s generation, where sex has become a commodity that can be bought and doesn’t need to be worked hard for.
As little as teenagers are already engaging in sexual activities leaving love behind. So it is no joker’s card that Blaqbonez puts sex over love.blaqbonezDon’t Touch at least gives us hope as he shows his possessiveness towards his love interest. With this, all hope is not entirely lost. This track is a perfect submission and for the most part, he delivers a perfect summer jam where.
Then in the most unforeseen transition within the last minute of the song, he unveils the rapper in him to deliver Drake-Esque introspective bars.
Right from the first words uttered on the track TGF Pussy, one would definitely get the idea, the title says it all. The typical hip-hop beat and arrangement are applied on this track.
He encourages people to be grateful for having pus*y and being able to eat at the same time as many have pus*y but cannot eat and vice versa.
The rapper touches on the importance of gratitude, going on to conclude his crisply narrated story to highlight that gratitude should be shown to sexually satisfying partners.
It is funny how he draws inspiration from the nursery school rhyme that children use, as a form of prayer right before they eat. Creativity spilling over is all we can say on this table!
Taking us deeper, Blaqbonez likens himself to talented footballer Samuel Okwaraji. How he doesn’t waste energy or chase people when it can all be a waste of effort at the end of the day.
He expresses his pain on how ladies like Linda and co, have taken him for granted by walking all over him. He chooses to be a hard guy and be like Okwaraji, periodt.
Now we get a better understanding of why he chooses sex over love because he has never been in love.
We now have confirmation that it stems from pain and the fact that he was a victim of love and a relationship that turned sour. Shedding light on how he let himself go before in the name of love but was taken advantage of because of his vulnerability. Now he has taken a stance and chooses to be a heartbreaker.
A sensual bop made for the club and the affairs of the ‘other room’, on Fendi featuring Joeboy. While Joeboy takes over the verse, Blaqbonez spices up the chorus with swag and tonal vibes.
Once again flexes his singing abilities as he provides the highlight of the song by delivering the chorus. Joeboy on this track is the perfect loverboy and we are not surprised because this is his forte, being cute and sexy at the same time.
Tiwa Savage with Blaqbonez on BBC remix is seamless. Of course, having one of the queens of afrobeat on a song that focuses on sex and its features is perfect. The dancehall beat and bounce-like vibe give this track a boost.
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Even in the midst of talking down on love while hyping sex, it is refreshing to know he creates time for Faaji.
The presence of Bad Boy Timz and 1da Banton on this track gives a difference in style and tonal quality. Of course in the midst of faajing, they still speak about the ladies who want them sexually.
Having rappers straight up on a track can be good or bad sometimes. When it turns out good like Zombie it is definitely a plus. Laycon and PsychoYP here are blissful.
Blaqbonez chose a theme, depicted it via his title, and modeled the lyric to reinforce that idea. He has surely come a long way.
Of course, family is always key and Blaqbonez makes that known in the midst of all this chaos. The synchronization here is healthy and is a fantastic kickstart.
Blaqbonez may have taken a stance against love but he remains discerning enough to not zero out the importance of human connection.
Best Friend shows him coming to that realization as he appreciates a special friend who has been there for him even when he was too caught up in work to keep up with them. Discernment of a different degree can be seen in the fact that Cheque who lays the perfect hook for the melodic-rap-inspired, hauntingly sweet instrumentals is the only featured artiste to provide the highlight of a track. This is hit single material, no cap!
The Nigerian rap industry is surely getting better if Blaqbonez can drop a body of work as fiesty as this. The last two concluding tracks couldn’t have been more perfect, Cynic Route and Haba. Way to go man.
This is the typical Nigerian body of work that has tracklist archetypes that entail a song of gratitude song, a love song, and the feel-good, cocky song that reasserts the worth of the musician.
Final Thoughts
Sex Over Love is a mighty step for Blaqbonez as he surely has grown on this ninth project. We can see, perseverance, and the dedicated drive to better one’s craft. He didn’t just wake up to birth this body of work but took his time and it definitely is worth all the hype and accolade for a rap album. Blaqbonez has been able to dissect his niche, add spice and produce bliss in rap form for his fan.
Listen to the album below;

BlaqbonezPhoto Credit: Getty
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