Aunty Aurora, My Wife Says Having Sex With Me Is A Waste Of Time, Because It Only Lasts One Minute

Dear Aunty Aurora, I am happily married and I love my wife. However my wife says there is no point us having sex because it’s over as soon as we get started. I am 36 and she is 30. We have been married for five years and it’s great apart from this. We never had sex when we were dating and as such she said she was deceived by me. We haven’t had sex for months and I am getting so frustrated. My wife is fed up because I can only last a minute during sex. I have suffered with premature ejaculation for a while. I am starting to feel paranoid that she wants to have an affair so she can get what is missing from our marriage.  I don’t want to talk to her about it. My head is wrecked. Thank you. Tosin, IkejaDear Tosin, You need to stop worrying for a start. You are putting so much pressure on yourself to perform that this is only making the problem worse. Frequent sex makes premature ejaculation less likely – and having less sex may have triggered the problem in the first place. You need to book an appointment with a medical practitioner and explore all available supports.Photo Credit: Getty

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