Aunty Aurora: Am I Imagining It Or Is My Boyfriend’s Sister Making Passes At Me?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
I have a man in my life that has kept me happy and feeling like a woman for the past 2 years. Hopefully someday, I hope to be his legal wife and I am patient enough to wait for that day. My family likes him and have accepted him. His family has also welcomed me with open arms. Especially his sister. From the day we have been introduced, I have been getting some strange vibes from her. Her hands always seem to linger on my body and very frequently they always seem to “coincidentally” land on my cleavage and the back of my neck and rather than being removed on time, they stay there until I awkwardly readjust my body. She is about 7 years older than me, apparently single and on the chubby side. Even though I was a bit bi-curious during my freshman year in college, I cringe at the thought of her chubby body. What scared me even further was when she commented last week that my boyfriend/her brother was lucky to have a lady like me in his bed every night. Am I being over-imaginative or is she hitting on me?
Kikelomo From Anthony Village, LagosDear Kikelomo,
I must confess that your story is pretty interesting. And by that I mean there is no quick fix. Relying on the cases I have dealt with in my years of experience as a relationship counsellor, I can safely say there is truly some sort of admiration for you from your boyfriend’s sister. Whether that is physical (i.e. sexual) or emotional or just psychological, no one can safely deduce that now. One tip I will give you is to NOT discuss this matter under no condition whatsoever with your boyfriend. There are many ways that will end and none would be good for you. Rather try to distance yourself a bit from her. Talk to her less, smile with her less, keep your distance away from her but this is not an excuse to be rude or saucy to her. Just be civil to her. Hopefully this is just a temporary wave of affection from her and it will crash out in time. If not, you need to sit her down and tell her off!Photo Credit: Getty

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