Give Them Irresistible Aso Ebi Fashion In These Gorgeous Styles

Hello, KOKOnistas welcome to a brand new week which is the last week in the month of April. This month has been such an exciting one filled with lots of amazing events and as always you have represented us well serving fabulous Aso Ebi fashion moments every time you step out.

Like they always say it is not about starting a thing but it is about finishing strong with your best leg. As we round up the month we intend to finish it in style and this time we will give them irresistible fashion. Every look was well planned out and the overall effect was beyond our expectations.
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  1. Ada Igbo
  2. Sparkle and shine
  3. Baby girl for life
  4. Serve them legs

    5. All White

    6. Green with envy

    7. Happy girls are the prettiest

    8. Let your sleeves do the talking

    9. Walk the walk

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    Photo Credit: Instagram 

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