Friday, March 24, 2023

Aunty Aurora, My Engagement And Introduction Is Near But I’m Having Second Thoughts About Marrying My Fiancé 

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Dear Aunty Aurora, I am having serious doubts about getting married to my boyfriend. When I mustered enough courage to tell my fiancé, he was crushed and now I feel bad. The traditional engagement and introduction are already arranged but I don’t know if I am doing the right thing.We met four years ago in university, when I was just 21. He was 29 at the time. Sometimes I wonder if we are getting married because everyone knows us together and it seems the obvious thing to do. We bicker a lot. He is always out or on the phone to his mates and sex has become routine. Surely this can’t be right when two people plan to marry? Shouldn’t we feel excited? Thanks Yemisi, Lagos.Dear Yemisi:  Yes, you should. You both have a lot to sort out if you are to go ahead with the wedding. Spell out your doubts about your relationship and his behaviour. You and your fiance must decide what changes are needed.

If he won’t try, best cancel. Better anguish now than a marriage you regret.Photo Credit: Getty

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