Aunty Aurora: We Have Four Children And I Want Another Child But My Husband Is Not Keen

Dear Aunty Aurora,
I think one more baby would make our family complete but my husband doesn’t agree. He doesn’t want any more children, ever.We both have four children and I have my mind set on us having another baby. The ones we have now are a handful but I want one more. We don’t use any protection but my husband is adamant he doesn’t want any more kids. I don’t know what to do. Thank you. Iyabo. IkoruduDear Iyabo,
Your husband doesn’t want another child yet you are not using protection. It makes me wonder how serious he is about not wanting another child. You both know how demanding child-rearing is. Suggest you wait for an agreed time, like a year or two, and then talk it over again. Meanwhile, use reliable contraception or you could end up a single parent.Photo Credit: Getty

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