Sunday, August 7, 2022

Aunty Aurora, I Love My Boyfriend But He Loves Sex Too Much And Forces Sex On Me 

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Dear Aunty Aurora, I love my boyfriend but he is forcing sex on me. We get on well, mostly. We’ve been together for two years and he’s my rock – but there are times we don’t get along. He’s 29 and I’m 25. Even when we argue and he sulks, he always wants sex. When I say no, he jumps on me and expertly take off my clothes. I tell him I don’t want to do it but sometimes I have to give in because he’s halfway through it anyway. Ijeoma, Satellite Town, Lagos.Dear Ijeoma: This doesn’t appear to be love. It’s abuse – rape if you say no and he continues. You believe you love him but love is about care and respect between two people who feel equal. You deserve better than this. If this was your friend or your sister, what would you be telling them?Photo Credit: Getty

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