KOKO Money: 6 Simple But Effective Ways To Set And Meet Money Goals

Setting money goals is usually very easy to do. You get so excited and say you want to achieve this and that within the next few years and that’s as far as it goes.

Money And SalaryMeeting money goals, however, is where the prize is. This is where you can happily say you’ve been working hard and people can actually see that you’re responsible enough to make your dreams come true.

So how do you get from point A all the way to Z? And why is it important to set money goals in the first place? There are many reasons like finally being debt free, saving enough to purchase a home or even being able to secure enough fees for your children’s educational future.

These are some of the ways you can practically make this process work out for you.

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Have your end goal in mind
: What you have in mind can be either short-term, longterm or both. This is what will keep you motivated throughout and you’ll remind yourself why your dream is important to you.

This is also essential because you begin to understand what it takes to achieve what you have in mind. You need to be specific so that you know the different ways to get there.

Link where you are to where you’re going: Now that you’ve set your end goal in mind and you know more about the process, you can now start to clear the pathway from where you are. Personalize the direction you want to take by cutting down the main goal into small, manageable parts based on your current situation and visualize the best way forward.

You can decide to start saving, investing or expanding your career as the first step to where you personally want to go.

Have an accountability factor: 
The tough journey ahead needs a high level of commitment and wit. You might be that type of person who is very disciplined but it’s good to have something to keep you in check.

You never know the splurging temptations you’ll experience that could jeopardize what you’ve built so far, so having something in place like a savings plan, an accountability partner, deadlines or any other thing will help you stay committed is a good idea.
Prioritise your goals: Decide that you will give them a premium seat in your life from the very beginning. You will never be able to even make the first step if they’re just another passing thought. This is will keep you in a loop of procrastination and eventually, years will go by without you making any moves.

You should therefore keep them within your top list of priorities as you continue to work on them.

You need to have people around you who understand your goals. These are trusted friends who you can share ideas with and those that can keep you in check occasionally. Having like-minded individuals is a very crucial part of your journey.

Another thing you need to do is read on your own. This will give you more insight to prevent huge mistakes as you keep moving. So don’t assume that you already know everything. Just spare some time for research.
Review and adjust: Things change all the time and you need to be able to spot which adjustments you should make. You can’t just be rigid throughout because you could miss out on really great opportunities in future.

If you find new ways to save money, adjust your budgets. If you need to push some goals higher and push others to the side, do so. This flexibility is a strong strategy that will be helpful throughout.Photo Credit: Getty

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