KOKO Money: 6 Biggest Financial Challenges To Watch Out For In Your Relationship

Money is a huge part of any relationship. Sometimes people ignore the importance of having financial wisdom and only focus on the feeling of being in love. Later on, such arrangements crumble when reality sets in.

That’s why you need to assess that area before pursuing a relationship so you can avoid vicious arguments which eventually lead to breakups and wasted years of trying to be together.

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There is a set of guidelines you can use to tell how strong your relationship is as far as money is concerned. If any of these describes your relationship, you could be in trouble.

Borrowing to impress: This is actually so sad and no one needs to put themselves through this type of stress. Some couples actually set up so many loan apps on their phones and even get loans from friends for the sake of having fancy dinner dates and gifts.

This type of relationship has no transparency and often leads to resentment. It’s better to be honest about what you can and can’t afford and accept each other for who you are from a genuine perspective.

Money is the only thing holding you together: This is a transaction not a relationship. Here, money is a solution to everything and gifts can buy your trust or cover up for horrible mistakes.

If you and your partner can only stand each other when money is involved, there is a problem. That means that there’s nothing to wait around for the moment a financial crunch sets in.

Your first concern as a couple is self-image: Many couples fail in this area because they’re trying to keep up with the Joneses. Social media is used to paint a picture of prosperity when in reality, things are falling apart.

It’s a huge red flag when you’re still struggling to keep up, knowing your accounts are running dry. What happened to emergency funds and planning for the future?

It is wise to live a simple lifestyle and be financially secure than have things the other way round.

You hide your finances from each other: The secrecy when it comes to finances leads to a relationship filled with mistrust, deception and fakery. There could be a high chance that your partner is in serious debt and you will never know because the topic of money is constantly brushed off.

If you have open, honest communication, you’ll have a chance to decide whether you’re comfortable being in that relationship in the first place.

You’re able to happily support one another during tough seasons and celebrate each other’s breakthroughs instead of being suspicious of one another.

You aren’t making any progress: Strong couples are able to build each other up as you work to achieve your goals. After months or years of being together, you should at least have something to show that you’re committed to a better future.

But If you’ve been stagnating for a long time stuck in debt and still making poor money decisions, it’s a warning sign. Something needs to change ASAP.

Your values on money aren’t compatible: It’s important to check whether you have similar ideas and spending habits before dating someone. They might be the type of person that thinks it’s okay to buy a very expensive car when there’s barely enough food at home or maybe they’re extremely stingy and don’t see any need to ever get you a gift because they look at it as a waste of money.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can proceed to date someone then change them later on. You might be shocked that you still can’t get through to them years from now.
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