Aunty Aurora, I Am Having The Best Sex of My Life With My Son-in-law

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Dear Aunty Aurora, I’m having the mind-blowing sex with my son-in-law behind the backs of both my daughter and my husband.I’m 58 and my husband is 68. Our daughter is 35, her husband is 37 and their little girl is four. They alway come round to us every Sunday for lunch. As my husband has a been sick with diabetes and hypertension, my daughter volunteered her husband to come drive me to church weekly and help check everything in the house works. My son-in-law often arrive when i’m having my birth or coming out of the bathroom and he always compliments my look every time I finished dressing. Some weeks ago, I asked him to come into my room to zip my dress up and he ended up kissing me. I responded and his hand went up my body as we kissed. I was really turned on. I took my top and bra off and sat on an the bed and gave him oral sex. He was well endowed and pleasured me too.My husband’s illness has meant he’s usually hospitalised and we’ve not had sex for three years. It was wonderful to feel desired again. My son-in-law said he hoped we could do it again some time and I agreed. We went to church but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I texted him a few hours later saying I couldn’t wait for a repeat. He said he was looking forward to it too. My daughter is a doctor and does nights two times a week. Her husband doesn’t get back from work till 9pm so our granddaughter stays with me and my husband. And during pickup time, our schedule is usually to retreat to any free space for a hot quickie. I now have sex with my son-in-law regularly and It is amazing. I am besotted with him and I do things with him I have never dreamed of. My husband and I get on and I have never looked at another man before, but my body aches for my son-in-law. I know it is wrong – and if my daughter and husband discovered my secret it would be devastating – but I can’t help myself. Thanks Rachel, Magodo, Lagos.Dear Rachel, You can, it just takes willpower. This will end in disaster if you let it go on. If they found out, your daughter and husband would be devastated and never trust either of you again – if your marriages even lasted. Think of the effect on your granddaughter. Tell your son-in-law you must stop your affair and work on your own relationships. And take a good look at your relationship with your husband. All sexual fun and satisfaction need not stop because of his illness.

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