Aunty Aurora, I’m Set To Get Married In April But I Can’t Trust My Fiancé

Dear Aunty Aurora, I’m engaged to my boyfriend of two years and set to be married in April but I’m scared our relationship won’t work. I feel like I can’t trust my boyfriend. When we met two years ago he was in a bad way without a job. He hid this from me for six months with lies, but I later helped him secure a good appointment.I found he was messaging other girls and sending them naked images of himself. This broke my heart but he swore things would change. I’m 32 and he’s 34 and we’ve now got engaged, but I still catch him lying to me about endless small things. I love him so much but am I just dragging out the inevitable, heartbreaking end? Yetunde, Ipaja, Lagos.Dear Yetunde, I’m sorry to say this but the answer is “yes”. It’s not so much his history, it’s all the lying. A good marriage is built upon trust. Why sign up to a future of worry and pain? It’s hard to give up on your dreams but it will only get harder the longer you stay. Tell him you’re over and see if he will stop lying. You deserve better than this.Photo Credit: Getty

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