Monday, February 6, 2023

Aunty Aurora: My Best Friend Had Sex With My Ex Boyfriend Soon After He Dumped Me

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
My best friend had sex with my ex boyfriend soon after he’d dumped me.
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I was devastated when he broke up with me and my best friend was my rock. We are both 24. I gradually got over my ex but I was shocked when another pal told me my best mate had sex with my ex a fortnight after he’d dumped me. I confronted her over it but she lied and said the rumour was rubbish. I’ve since heard my ex has admitted it himself.
She and I were always there for one another but now I see her differently and we are both angry. I miss her as a friend. Is there any way our friendship can recover one day?
Thanks, Chioma, Alagbado

Dear Chioma,
If you really want it to, yes. You weren’t still a couple with your ex when your friend had sex with him. I bet she regrets it now but you had no rights over him at the time.
It’s hardly surprising she tried to cover her tracks when you confronted her as you caught her off-guard. If you miss her as a friend, ask her for a coffee and tell her that. If she apologises, you may feel able to be mates again.
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