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Aunty Aurora: Why Will My Girlfriend Want To Have A Baby At All Cost?

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
My name is Francis. I am 30 and I am not really good at stuff like this so I will keep it short. My girlfriend is 23 years old, currently wrapping up her program for an OND while I am a civil servant currently sharing an apartment with a friend. Although I have plans to get my own place later this year, I haven’t really felt the need to rush it since marriage is still a few years away. My problem presently is that my girlfriend has been going on and on about wanting to get pregnant.I don’t see any sense in this because I think a child is just an extra responsibility we don’t need at the moment. I have thought about the issue over and over again trying to see her reasons but I still don’t get it. She doesn’t have to worry about me leaving her since I have always tried to prove to her that I love her and both our families know about our relationship. I don’t know what else to do to convince her that getting pregnant is not the way right now.
From Festac, Lagos.
Dear Francis,
I might not be able to pin point why your girlfriend is so insistent on getting pregnant right now but only a few things can make a lady want a baby so bad. Its either she feels insecure and believes getting pregnant with your child is the only way to keep you committed or sister is already preggy for someone and is looking for a way to pin it on you. I know that is quite harsh, but its a possibility we can’t over look. Another reason could be that she wants to be sure that you can actually put her in the family way before making a life time commitment. What you have to do is talk to her once again and maybe just say you both should see a doctor. Don’t go all out to make accusations without having hard evidence of course, so thread carefully while you are try to figure out the truth.
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